A brand new quirky RPG has made its way on the App Store under the name of Food Battle: The Game. Despite its colorful graphics and ability to poke fun at itself, it’s a really good game that I have completely enjoyed playing. It’s also a pretty difficult game too – more difficult than “battle donuts” might make you think it would be. So I am here to share with you a bunch of Food Battle: The Game tips cheats and tips that will hopefully help you get forward and with three star ratings as well.

So if you got stuck playing or you simply want to improve your strategy to get all the three star ratings on all levels, check out our Food Battle tips and cheats below and keep on going!


1. Destroy everything
I am not talking only about the donut monsters here, which are pretty obvious targets. I am talking about all the other things, like grass and chests: explore all areas and destroy them all to collect all treasure, find hidden stars and goodies. Oh, and hidden triggers too, which will make your life a lot easier. So make sure that you always clear the area out before you go-go.

2. Ranged attacks are da bomb
The main idea behind staying alive is not being damaged by the attacks of the donuts. So use ranged attacks as often as possible: you can usually complete all levels with ranged attacks only. Just attack as many times as possible, then run around while your attack bar replenishes, then keep doing this. Safest way around.

3. Use donuts to defeat your enemies
Some donuts cause collateral damage, like the Pink one, so it might be wise, in some occasions, to allow it work its magic on its donut friends. Stay close and as soon as it prepares for an attack, swipe away. It will cause splash damage to everything around, usually destroying the smaller donuts around.

4. Swipe and roll
The easiest way to move around quickly when dealing with enemies (especially bosses) is to swipe and roll instead of just running. The first boss in the game can actually be easily avoided if you roll when he jumps into the air, and the same can be said about all the other donuts. So master this technique and make it your main way of moving around.

5. Replay levels
Some stages can’t be beaten on three stars from start because you won’t have the required weapons to open some of the areas, so replay each stage. This way you get more ingredients too, as well as coins. What can be better?

6. Spend diamonds wisely
You get a bunch of free diamonds when you start the game and you can collect a few more playing the levels. Spend them wisely, though, as they are indeed premium currency. You can get extra clothes that increase your health (which I would recommend) or get extra ingredients (which I don’t really recommend since you will get them playing the levels, eventually). However, use the diamonds wisely!

These would be, for now, our Food Battle: The Game tips for you. As soon as we find more, and some real cheats, we’ll make sure to share them with you!



  1. I’m stuck on lv. 25, where you use the hammer to hit a bunch of posts. The posts aren’t going up and down with the hammer hits. Is this a glitch?

        • I figured it out. I went first to the elevator where you unlock the post with hitting the five posts in the last room. Then you go to the other two passages and try to press all the buttons on the ground – they will lock. Try to slide around for them to be all lit up. Oh, and I finished the game…It’s kinda sad it has only 30 levels but you can go for harder levels later… :D

        • I got it!!!!!! Sonafter you get to the room where you have to hammer everything you have to make sure you have enough energy to hammer the three that pop up. I went clockwise from the one starting farthest from the door. Then another hammer post will pop up. Hit that

  2. a HUGE thing that helps me a lot is when you’re at the entrance to a gated area and enemies are inside that area, if you just go right by the door (before opening it) and the enemies come, then you can kill them with your sword without them being able to hurt you! Not sure if this is a glitch in the game.. or literally just something you can do to kill the donuts without getting damage lol!

    • Did you activate the three switches that are diagonal? There are four switches on the ground in the last room, so you have to get the right three. If not, could be a glitch or could be something in the level that you missed.

  3. ok so now im knida confuse im retrying level 7 for all the stars and the third last one with the sliding stone is it backwards cuz what i read from you guys stating that it suppose to go to the dark spot and the dark spot is outside of where im entering i know this is confusing but plz HALP

  4. I’m stuck on level 11… I’m at the second gate, I need to move the sliding blocks a certain way so I can get the food chests, but I don’t know which way to move them.Can anyone help me?

  5. Im stuck on level 11.
    I can’t get through the second gate with the sliding stones to reach the food chests, I believe since they’ve made it so hard to pass, there will be crystals.
    I gave up at that point since I can’t pass it, so there’s a button to reach a gate. You cannot move the stone onto it and I’ve counted how long the Gate opens for, Inwhich is 4 seconds. However, I do have a tip to defeat enemies. Once you hit the donut like the frosted pink /Vanilla/ Chocolate donut. You h

    • I used the burrito bomb for the whole level…when the bomb has to recharge just walk around and use it when the energy bar turns blue.When you get to Jeremy and he spawns donut holes try to get them all in the same spot and use the bomb.

    • I can only assume you have to move the sliding stone. There are guidelines as to which way you can move it. They’re like dirt lines. Maybe that’s not the door you mean but it appears to be the second door. If you mean the one that’s kinda like down, you have to push the stone to the last button it can go to (which is the second last one) then stand on the very last one. Theres a timer on it so you might have to roll.

  6. So I’ve been trying to get the third star on level 18 forever. I know where it is and it is absolutely killing me. So I’ve pushed all the sliding stones to the left to access that area. I used the chili pepper to get up but there are four posts that I cannot get to stay down. I can’t hit them all in one go because my energy runs out. I’m thinking i just need to upgrade my eggroll hammer but I’d like to be sure first. Thank you!

  7. I can’t pass level 12, I know I need to use the gun for the sliding stones. But the 2nd sliding stone to the right can’t slide forward and the left stone is blocking the way So I can’t slide the right stone backwards either. Need help please! Been stuck for like 3 days already.

  8. How do you enter and exit the doors on level 14 without the doors closing on you? There is only one sliding block and im stuck there. Please help thanks!

  9. I’m stuck on level 11 I moved the blocks but they still in the way ,so I cant get the ingridients.what directions should I move the blocks

  10. Okay so I’m on level 16, I’ve used the launch pad to the left, I have 4 posts, my energy only allows you to egg roll 3 of the posts before you are out of energy.
    What do I do?

    • Oops I’m sorry my phone is acting up but I meant to say I need help with level 9 I can’t seem to jump on the launchpad any help for this level?

  11. I can’t pass level 10 guys, I don’t understand anything.. I can’t figure out how to activate the 2 thing and move the stone and how to open all the doors.. Help me please !

  12. Hey guys! I’m not sure how to get the 2nd and 3rd stars on level 18 because I can’t get past the door to the left of the bridge. Does anyone know how to get past it?

    • Yeah, i have the same problem, and i have finished the game, i have ALL the another stars, but i cant open that dolor, PLEASE HELP US!!!

  13. Help!!!!! I’m stuck on level 21! I get to the area where the guy in the blue is but I don’t know how to use the pipes. I tried
    D every thing. I think it’s a glitch idk HELP MEEEEE

    • You have to connect the pipes with the churro gun and the gummy whip. When you connect them push the button near the door and it will open

  14. I’m stuck on level 19..I’ve already got 3 stars, but I can’t go to the other side where the teleporting guy is…could someone pls share how you make it to the teleporting guy?

  15. Im stuck on level 20 I can’t get three stars. Ive gotten the other 2 and I’ve battle all the donuts and I don’t know why

  16. PLEASE!!! I beat the game, but i justo CANT GET THE 3 STARS ON LEVEL 18!!!! Please, i am so angry!!! Please, if anyone got the 3 stars, please please help me!!! Thanks…

  17. Im stuck on lvl. 17 how an I supposed to use the launch pad??? I obviously don’t have the weapon for it so like how do I get past it

  18. Im stuck on level 26 you have to fight every boss so far all over again with no breaks or health/energy boosts besides one berry donut and one blue donut per boss. I keep getting past the second white jugger nut and then moving on straight to the second Jeremy. Here I do okay until he starts summoning all the donut holes. He summons so many that they take up almost the entire screen and I can’t bomb all of them. Plus there’s a maple bar in there which just makes everything harder cuz when I am trying to get the maple bar to hit the donut holes he hits me. I always die right after Jeremy 2 is lowered to half health because the only move he takes is summoning the donut holes until the screen is almost completely full and I can’t escape. Any tips???

  19. I found a in game cheat for orange jugger nut (20) here it is (link at end for pictures, I don’t really know if it will work or not)
    1) Once at the boss arena, you will see a large strip of land with two peninsulas on each side. Walk to the left one. There will be a post. Do not hit it yet!

    2) go over to the right side peninsula. Here will be a button that is buried in the ground and cannot be pressed. If it is press able, you must’ve hit the post on the left peninsula and will have to start over.

    3) Walk into the very left corner of the right peninsula. There, across the lake and behind a set of locked doors, will be the orange jugger nut, who will immediately notice you and attempt to start running towards you. However, it cann

  20. I found a in game cheat for orange jugger nut (20) here it is (link at end for pictures, I don’t really know if it will work or not)
    1) Once at the boss arena, you will see a large strip of land with two peninsulas on each side. Walk to the left one. There will be a post. Do not hit it yet!

    2) go over to the right side peninsula. Here will be a button that is buried in the ground and cannot be pressed. If it is press able, you must’ve hit the post on the left peninsula and will have to start over.

    3) Walk into the very left corner of the right peninsula. There, across the lake and behind a set of locked doors, will be the orange jugger nut, who will immediately notice you and attempt to start running towards you. However, it cannot attack you because it can’t reach you. That button you didn’t press lowers a bridge, and since there is no bridge, there is no way to reach you. Now, pull out your best long range weapon and hit him to death from where he can’t reach you!

    4) once you defeat the jugger nut with your churro blaster, gummy whip, or taquito gun, you can go back over to the left peninsula and hit the post. Then go back to the right peninsula and press the button. The aforementioned bridge will appear, allowing you to exit the level.

    Bonus: to get all three stars in this level, first: use your gummy whip on the stone that won’t move forward in the first intersection to reach a small area with a MInt frosted and some donut holes. Kill these to receive your star. Second: you must have the chili launcher that you receive after defeating the orange jugger nut. At the second intersection, again use the gummy whip on the stone that won’t move backwards. Now you will see a launch pad. Use your chili launcher on the pad to end up at another set of launch pads. Keep using your chili launcher until you make it to an area with multiple donuts including mint frosted ones, maple bars, and donut holes. One they are all defeated, open the multiple chests and take he second caged star. Third: you will notice that all around the level are jelly donuts on little islands you can’t reach. To get the third star, you must defeat all donuts. Use yor long range weapon on all of these jelly donuts up to the end to receive the final star. Note: four more jelly donuts appear on new islands once you open the bridge to the end of the level after defeating the orange jugger nut. You must also kill these to review the third star.

  21. Found a cheat for pink jugger nut too, his one isn’t as perfect though

    1) once the pink jugger nut appears, immediately un to the launch pad you entered through to return to the little island you started the level on (the one with joven on it).

    2) immediately pull out your best long range weapon and start shooting at the pink jugger nut, who cannot reach your little island from the main land, however, as there is a smaller distance between you and him than there was in the orange jugger nut cheat, he can still spray sticky pink glop at you which will stick you in your spot and may cause you 10 damage, so be careful to keep moving so he can’t hit you.

    3) once he is defeated, use your chili launcher to launch yourself back to the mainland and collect your tremendous reward of coins.

  22. I am now officially past the second Jeremy… And stuck on the second mint jugger nut, which sucks, cuz it’s the last boss in that level…Xo

    • I Really Need Help On Level 21 I’ve Connected The Pipes, Gone Through Every Portal Available And I Can’t Find Anywhere To Continue The Quest Could Someone Please Help?

  23. To pass lvl 17 you go to the bottom of the the area (the room where the bridge is) then you run around and look for a passage then do what you would do when there are enemies around.

  24. I have been stuck on level 17 for about a week and I can’t figure out how to get the chilli pepper gun everyone says I need, I’ve replayed all the levels many times but I can’t figure out how to get it

    • Karlee You Need To Try To Find Teleporting Fat Guy And Complete The Lelvels Until 20 Which Is The Level Of The Chilli Pepper Gun :)

  25. Guys who donno how to pass level 17, if u search the map carefully, there’s a way(i think it was south area, not near the npc who tells u to use a weapon) to get to teleport. You dont hav to use a chili gun. Enjoy !

  26. In level 14, I can’t find the 3 stars, I only found two of them but the 3rd it’s just impossible to find! Can someone help me?

  27. i see I am not the only one who can’t get the final 2 stars on level 18 part 2
    Did the guys who created this fun game make an error? Can anyone help with more than the one star???

  28. I can’t get more than 2 weapons in my bar of weapons on quests how do I get all four of the weapons I own to show up

    • you can only have 2 weapons at a time in the battle. So what you have to do is when you are in the battle hold down on the burrito blaster and your other weapons will show up. then click on the churro blaster and you can now use it. Same with your celery sword just hold it down and equip a different weapon.

  29. How do u get the posts down?! They’re rlly annoying Me cos I can’t get the stars and cool stuff behind them.
    Also how do u use the launch pads?!

  30. Okay so I’m on the early levels and I can’t find out how you get new weapons to use I bought the churro blaster but how do I equip I tried going to Anthony’s room and equiping it but it just says preveiw

  31. I need to know which level the egg roll hammer is on and how to get it
    Please explain in full detail if possible

  32. Need help here!! I got the egg roll hammer but i cant use it!! I can see the hammer in my inventory when i’m in anthony’s house but it doesnt show up when i’m doing a lvl when i want to change weapon. Help plz!!! :/ I’m stuck and it sucks!!

  33. How do I unlock the lasy difficulty. I needa beat it to get the last gummy snake for the rainbow lolipop wand.

  34. How do I equip my churro blaster? I unlocked it but when I go on the quest it doesn’t show up. Is there a way to equip it???

  35. I Need Some Help On Level 21 I’ve Connected The Pipes And Gone Through Every Portal Available To Pass Through And I Can’t Find Anywhere To Continue The Quest,Could Someone Please Help

  36. Jay Hold The Burrito Bomb And Then It Should Come Up With A Tab Showcasing All Of The Weapons Of That Type That You Do/Don’t Have

  37. What are the chili pepper gun ingredients. I have the chili pepper, but it wont pop up so wat are the others. Im stuck on level 17 and i need that gun. Stat.


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