No, I am sure that “Folt” is not a verb, but it does sound good, especially since the game itself is pretty amazing. But I am not here to praise the game, instead I am here to share with you a complete set of Folt game cheat and tips that will hopefully help you keep on playing and beating level after level. Because, in the end, it’s not as difficult as it might seem. And if it is, you can always restart a stage. Ha!

But let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Folt tips and tricks for a perfect strategy!

1. Focus on the challenge
Each level has a different challenge – unlocking the diamonds, surviving a specific number of moves or matching a certain number of tiles. Some are more difficult than the others, but some require you to do very little matching and instead just stay alive. Look at the requirements, check out the numbers and focus on the challenge of that specific level.

2. Move into open spaces
Usually, with every new level in Folt, I tend to start by moving to the sides. Depending on the incoming tiles, I get to select my next move and the fact that I am opening up give me more options. Try to use all the board, move into open spaces instead of getting too crammed into a specific area and risk getting stuck. Of course, creating a chess board doesn’t help you at all, so make sure you also plan your moves based on the incoming tiles.

3. Break the incoming tiles
In certain levels, an exclamation mark will appear on screen, signaling the upcoming appearance of a tile. If you are near it, you can move over and therefore stop it from appearing. This is extremely useful if the incoming tile doesn’t help you too much with your game.

4. Keep on moving
In many stages it seemed that luck struck me for the simple fact that I kept on running. When all seems lost, adopting a strategy similar to the Snake game at the beginning of the mobile era works: move horizontally, then one tile down and continue to the other end. It’s highly probably that your tiles will align and you’ll break the bad luck spell and get just enough matches or moves to complete the level.

5. Strategize and take your time
There’s no pressure on you to make your move, so make sure you take your time. Create a short strategy and even anticipate upcoming tiles and move according to that strategy. For example, if you have three tiles of the same color incoming, it’s very unlikely that a fourth of the same color will arrive, so you should move towards a different color. When you see what’s coming, you can already change your moves if required. The fact that you see three upcoming tiles is extremely helpful and should help you a lot with planning. So make sure you take all advantage of this! If you want to go really berserk, you can also purchase one extra preview to make things even easier.

6. Use the bombs when they matter
There are specific levels that are extremely difficult to complete because you have tiles that block your way. If you use a bomb in these levels, the bomb will also destroy the unpassable tiles, making your life a lot easier. So save the bombs and use them when they really matter.

7. Extra lives cheat
It appears that you can trick the waiting game in Folt by simply changing the time on your iOS device a couple of hours ahead. When you get back into the game, you will have a new set of lives to try out your luck again.

Folt is a really amazing game and we’re having great fun playing it here at Touch Tap Play. Hopefully our tips and tricks will help you out at least a little bit and now you’ll be able to complete the levels faster.


  1. I love this game but on the levels that you Place Squares I cant figure out what your supposed to be trying to do. The 1st level that had this I got lucky and cleared it but I have been stuck on the Place 23 squares for days and Im about ready to give up. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jenn, i just found out that you must leave the squares marked with a “v”. These add up, if you remove it (by 3 same coloured squares), it’ll be deducted.
      Good luck


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