It’s an exciting time for Phantom Chaser fans as developer FloppyGames has just unleashed a big new update that’s really switching things up. Players will find new characters and some impressive gameplay improvements when they log-in to the game this week. It’s a great time to jump back into the action or get started. There’s something here for everybody.

Rangda joins Phantom Chaser’s every expanding cast of characters this week. An assassin with some truly powerful skills, Rangda specializes in sneaking up on enemies and dealing massive damage at close range. She’s sure to be a valuable addition to anyone’s collection.

There’s some changes in store for older characters, too. It’ll be a bit easier to collect some rare character. For example, Blue Dragon and Phoenix can now be obtained via Crafting. Phantom Chaser will also be highlighting “targeted characters”. You’ll have the chance to win free Star Stones should you collect one of these special characters.

Players will now reap greater rewards at the Battlefield, though you’ll find the level of challenge has also slightly increased. Overall, this should make the Battlefield a highly rewarding experience. FloppyGames has also made some adjustments to the monsters in Adventure mode, which should keep things more balanced.

Phantom Chaser as a whole is going to be a much more approachable experience thanks to these big changes. You’ll find you can improve your character and earn rewards at higher rates. Stamina usage has also been lowered, meaning you’ll be spending more time adventuring and less time waiting on timers.

You can start your adventure today on iOS or Android.


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