Become the ultimate placekicker with Flick Field Goal 16! Featuring simple controls, this pick-up-and-play game has you kicking field goals to score big points. Don’t miss any kicks and you’ll rack up combo points. Create and customize your own player and pick your own ball as you rise up in the ranks. We’ll help you on your field goal journey with our Flick Field Goal 16 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t skip your daily training!


Daily training can be done as many time as you want, but only the first time can award you with bucks. Bucks are the premium currency of this game, and daily training is the only way to get them without paying real money. The better you score during the daily training, the more bucks you’ll earn, up to a maximum of six. Even if you mess up your first day, you can continue to practice so you get better at it. It’s a little different since you need to hit the posts of the field goal, so get used to it!

2. Complete missions!

Missions are side objectives that you can go after as you play the regular mode. Missions are worth a nice amount of coins so be sure to check them before you head into the stadium. Make sure to complete as many as you can and you’ll be earning a lot of coins!

3. Remember to change your trajectory mid-flight!

Keep in mind that the single beginning kick isn’t the end! You can slightly influence the direction of the ball by swiping rapidly when it’s midair. This is a helpful trick to remember because it can mean the difference between a missed goal and a gold goal.

4. Check the wind!

The wind changes every kick, so make it a habit to check how strong it is and what direction it’s blowing. You can see the speed and direction in the top right corner. Change up your kick trajectory to compensate for the wind!

5. Save your coins!

You may have a mission to use an alternate ball, so go ahead and buy one type of ball. Other than that though, you’re going to want to save your coins for stadium upgrades. Stadium upgrades passively increase the amount of experience you earn from a game, so save up for these. They get very costly as you continue to upgrade them, so you’re going to need every single coin!

6. Keep your combo going!

Every field goal that lands in the gold zone will increase your combo multiplier by one. With each successive shot, you’ll be earning a ton of points. However, if you miss just one shot or even land in any of the other zones, your combo will be reset and you’ll have to start again. Keeping your combo going is key to reaching high scores!

That’s all for Flick Field Goal 16. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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