Noodlecake Studios Inc, the team that created the Super Stickman Golf series, brings us the long awaited sequel to the unique mash up game Flappy Golf: Flappy Golf 2! In Flappy Golf 2, you’ll traverse familiar golf courses if you’ve played any of the Super Stickman Golf games. This time though, you’re in direct control of your golf ball! Flap your way to the hole with the aid of our Flappy Golf 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

The objective of the game is to use as little flaps as possible to reach the hole in order to get a gold star. The game can get kind of tough sometimes, so let’s get started with our Flappy Golf 2 strategy guide to getting gold stars!


1. Don’t worry about the eggs!

The eggs are the premium currency of the game. They don’t really do anything related to gameplay, so don’t worry about them too much. You will almost always use too many moves for a gold star if you go out of your way to get them. The only thing you can buy are cosmetics for your golf ball. You can ignore the eggs and get the gold star first then go back and grab the eggs if you really want them.

2. Compete in the daily race!

The daily race opens up a new race you can partake in every day. Winning these races will reward you with a nice amount of eggs. The farther the race is in the week, the better the payout will be. These races will take place on randomly picked single player levels, so it’s good to play single player beforehand for practice. Of course, if you don’t care about eggs, then you don’t need to participate in these races.

3. Use controlled jumps!

Try to get used to your golf ball’s physics. Tapping lightly and less frequently is more effective than tapping quickly. Once you tap, let your ball build up momentum on its own before tapping again. If you flap once you have some momentum, your jumps will be much more effective. You’ll cover a lot of horizontal ground using this technique. If you need to ascend vertically quickly, rapid taps will work better.

4. Try to hit the slopes!

You’ll notice that most of the holes in this game have sloped walls around them. Try hitting them and sliding off of them if you’re low on moves. You should be able to roll into the hole if you hit the slope at the right angle and speed. Practice this technique and you’ll be pulling off clutch gold star finishes in no time!

5. Master the gimmicks!

Each world has its own theme to it, whether it be the gum filled walls of Sticky Zone or the slippery slopes of Snow Field, each world will have its own unique gimmick. For example, the aforementioned gum surfaces of Sticky Zone will stop your ball dead in its tracks if it collides with the sticky goop. The gravity fields of the Gravity Lab will propel your ball around when it’s in the fields. Master each one and understand how they work, because they might show up in later levels!

6. Be on the lookout for shadow flags!

Sometimes you might spot a darker flag hiding somewhere in the level. They’re usually blocked off from normal means of travel, so you’re going to have to search around for a secret entrance. If you can end the level through the shadow flag, you’ll be awarded with 10 bonus eggs. If you want more eggs, it’s worth it to try to find these flags! There’s one in each world.

That’s all for Flappy Golf 2! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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