Flappy Bee Game Cheats, Tips & Tricks (Happy Bee Game)


If Flappy Bird is a game that’s impossible to win, Flappy Bee aka Happy Bee comes with a different approach: it’s almost impossible to lose at this game where your only goal is to tap and collect different types of plants and “moons” which also look like plants. However, if you want to cruise through the game and make sure you do it fast, we are here with a set of Happy Bee cheats: tips and tricks that will get you as far as possible! So let’s check out below the Flappy Bee Cheats!

1. There are no obstacles
The game doesn’t say that and you are tempted to believe that those flowers must be avoided (at least I did so at first), but pretty soon you will realize that these are just items that you have to collect and the even better news: there are no obstacles. So just fly freely and have fun collecting all the goodies, as many as possible!

2. Collect as much as possible
Happy Bee Game is a title based on achievement completion: usually related to collecting different types of plants. So do just that: collect as much as possible and as soon you get the “achievement complete” message, let the bee die. Only now you will get a new achievement that will hopefully be more challenging.

3. Keep the bee at the back
The most challenging part about the game (and it starts with the mission that requires you to collect 50 jars of honey) is keeping the bee at the back (left side of the screen). Personally, I don’t really know what makes the bee move forward, but I do believe that it has to do with collecting flowers and moons – the more you skip, the faster the bee goes and closer to the finish line it gets. If you know exactly how to control this, you can really go for an endless run.

4. Tap and hold
There are some challenges that require you to tap a million times, but apart from that, it is easier to control the bee with short taps and holding the finger on the screen – this way you will collect the most plants and moons which are required to complete the achievements.

And there you have it – our Happy Bee tips and tricks. There really is not much to say about this game, but once you try it, even though extremely simple, it will get you hooked just like Flappy Bird.

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Flappy Bee Game Cheats, Tips & Tricks (Happy Bee Game)


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