It’s Flappy Bird like you’ve never experienced it before! Take on the Flappy Bird course in full first-person 3D in Flappy 3D! Flappy 3D takes the classic tough-as-nails game and puts a whole new spin on it. You’ll be surprised at how much changes when you can only see directly in front of you! Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help you jump back into the flappy scene with our Flappy 3D cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Thought the Flappy Bird craze was over? It’s still lingering around in some games, like Flappy 3D! It’s just as challenging as the original game, so let’s get started with our Flappy 3D tips and tricks guide!


1. Flap from below!

One of the most common ways to meet your untimely end is slamming into the top pipe. Since your flap arc never changes and will always make you ascend the same distance, you can take advantage of this! To reduce collisions from above, approach the openings coming from the bottom side. That way, when you flap, your arc will carry you right through the middle of the opening keeping you away from the top and bottom pipes. Just make sure you’re not too low, otherwise you’ll slam right into the bottom pipe!

2. Find your rhythm!

Finding a good “rhythm” was really important in the original Flappy Bird, and it’s just as important here. It’s hard to describe exactly what rhythm is in this game, but you’ll know when you get it. It’s when you find that perfect timing in between your flaps so that your natural forward movement feels “natural”. It feels like you are literally the flappy bird! A good rhythm is important because it’ll keep your movement controlled, ready for any sudden height changes in the pipe openings.

3. Stay calm!

As was always the case, staying calm and collected is probably the most important tip we can think of for Flappy Bird type games. If you’re suddenly faced with an opening that’s way below or above you, do not panic! It’s a little harder to see coming because of the first person perspective, but remain calm and tap as you need. If you get a little antsy you might tap too many times, sending you straight into a pipe!

4. Approach at an angle!

If you’re not comfortable with approaching pipe openings from the bottom side, you also try falling towards them. If you come down at an opening from above, with proper timing you’ll put yourself in the perfect position to flap over the opening with one good tap. Just keep in mind that this requires a little more skill as you’ll need to be able to effectively gauge the height difference between you and the opening, which is a lot harder said than done because of the perspective. When you’re coming from the bottom you can usually see a lot more of the pipe – not so much when you’re coming from above.

5. Don’t worry about flying “straight”!

Don’t even bother trying to keep yourself on a steady, straight plane. You’re going to be bobbing back and forth and that’s actually a good thing! Because the openings shift around so much it’s pointless to worry about trying to keep yourself on a straight line. As we mentioned above, it’s much more important to find a good “rhythm”, and that’s calm and controlled taps that keep everything under control. Small shifts in altitude are a lot easier to handle when your flaps are controlled!

That’s all for Flappy 3D! Remember: practice makes perfect! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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