Time to hit the gym once again! Fit The Fat 2 is a sequel to the silly yet fun fat burning game from last year. Pick out a balanced diet for our pudgy friend, train him through various gym mini game activities, let him get a good night sleep, and see to it that he sticks with his goal! We’ll help you get this guy fit with our Fit The Fat 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t worry about the upgrades!

The upgrades to the gym activities and your bed will increase the efficiency of them and how much weight you lose / energy you gain back, but they are very hefty investments. The first bed upgrade is 600 coins! Thankfully though, most of these upgrades will unlock automatically if you reach a certain level, provided you haven’t bought the corresponding upgrade yet. So, don’t worry about the upgrades early on. You will get them by just playing through the game naturally!

2. Stick to the good food!

When buying food for your fit-to-be buddy, try to stick with the classic food and healthy food. Fast food is the cheapest yes, but they don’t restore you food gauge by much and they’re very high in fat. Eating too much of these can erase a lot of progress you’ve done! Classic food and healthy food are more expensive but they restore more and aren’t that fatty. Save your coins for the food and don’t buy the exercise upgrades!

3. Exercise!

Here are some guides for the activities you can do.

  • Jump rope is the first and only exercise you can do when you first start the game. There is not much to it – just tap to jump over the rope. Just keep in mind that your guy’s jump isn’t very… good, so if you are off by just even a split second you will trip and have to start all over. A good measure is to watch the jump rope’s shadow as it’s coming down. When it’s about to hit the shadow of your guy, that’s when you should jump!
  • The treadmill is the second exercise you. You have to swipe down on your screen to to move your arrow up, and you must keep the arrow within the green zone of the bar. Over time, the green bar will shrink, making it harder to stay within it. It will also start moving after a while, so the best way to keep up is stay in the middle of the green zone. You can also kind of tell where it will go next – for example, if the green bar is all the way on the left side, expect it to go to the right.
  • Lifting weights probably requires the least amount of finesse, thankfully! All you need to do is tap the screen as fast as you can. When you fill up both meters, you will earn a rep. Tap like crazy and don’t hold back!
  • Boxing has you train with a punching bag. Targets will appear and you need to tap them as fast as you can. Like weight lifting, there’s not much too this one. Just be quick on your finger and you should be able to train easily no sweat!

4. Connect to Health to exercise in real life (iPhone)!

We thought this was a really cool feature that deserved mention! If you’re playing the game on an iPhone, in the settings menu, you can connect the game to your Health Kit app. This makes it so that any movement detected by your phone will go towards helping your buddy lose weight in the game! So this means that you can go for a jog with your phone in your pocket and you’ll get fit both in real life and the game! Try it out! This may also be possible on Android systems, but we don’t have a way to verify.

That’s it for Fit The Fat 2. If you have any other fat burning tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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