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Fishing Season Guide: Tips & Tricks To Catching Lots of Fish

Fishing Season Guide: Tips & Tricks To Catching Lots of Fish

Now anyone can be a pro fisher with the tap of your mobile device! Enter Nexelon’s Fishing Season, a fully 3D fishing game with lots of intense action. Choose your bait, upgrade your rod, and cast! Wait for the perfect bite, then tap and fight against the fish to reel ’em in!

In our Fishing Season tips and tricks guide, we will go over all the different ways of reeling in better fish, and how to fish them up without a hitch. We will also explain the many ways of earning coins, so let’s get started with our Fishing Season tips and tricks strategy guide to catching lots of fish!

Catching your first fish!

Since the game’s translation is a little dodgy, we will go over the basics of catching fish here. Press the giant START! button to cast your line – the number in the small bubble in it is the amount of bait you have left for the current selection. The game will start you off with enough bait for a while, so you do not have to worry about it.

The first thing you need to do is actually throw out your line. The bar will fill up and empty out, and you need to tap when the bar is completely full, or at least when it is in the last quadrant. If you do it right, you will see the word PERFECT! flash across the screen, indicating you got the best cast. In general, the better your timing, the farther your line goes out, which means the best possible fish.

Once your line is cast, wait for a bite – it should not take longer than a few seconds. When a circle appears, tap it and you will begin to reel in the fish. Tap and hold anywhere on the screen to fill up the power meter. As it fills, the fish will take damage and its distance away from you will shorten. Deplete the fish’s HP all the way and it is yours!

To help you do this, try to keep the power meter in the pink zones – these are the power zones. When your power meter fills up while in the zone, your fever meter (the blue fish meter below the power meter) fills up as well, and when it is full you can do a power attack. Swipe in the direction indicated to deal a large amount of damage to the fish!

Pay attention to the little fish guy in the bubble next to the fish’s HP. His expression will tell you what the fish is doing. A calm green face means that the power meter will fill up with no resistance, but if he looks angry that means he will fight your rod more. Be careful about reeling in when the fish is angry, because you might fill up the power meter all the way. Do not let it stayed filled for too long as your line will break under too much stress!

Be careful, as the fish will slowly move further and further away from you the longer you take. If your rod and reel are too weak, the fish will eventually break the line, enabling it to escape. If this happens, be sure to upgrade your gear.

Selling fish for maximum profit!

After you catch a fish, you can sell it on the spot OR you can store it in your aquarium. When a fish is kept in an aquarium, its value will gradually increase until it hits a maximum. If you have the slots and time free, you should always let fish sit in your aquarium for maximum profit.

You only start out with a few slots in your aquarium, but you can purchase more with rubies, the premium currency of the game. We recommend buying at least two more slots since they are so cheap, and you will make it easier to upgrade your fishing rod in the long run.

When a fish reaches its capacity, it will say MAX letting you know that it is ready to be sold. The higher rarity a fish is and the harder it is to catch, the more coins it will sell for.

Use bait to increase your fish rarity!

If you tap on the little bait icon at the top left corner of the main menu, you can check out the shop. You can refill bait in the shop, and the more expensive the bait is, the better chances of getting rarer fish. You can get by without using the more expensive fish, but eventually you will need to buy it as your chances without are just too low.

Upgrade your fishing rod!

When you encounter fish that are just too tough to reel in, it is time to upgrade your fishing rod. There are three parts to upgrade: the rod, the reel, and the line. Both the rod and reel determine how much damage your fishing rod does, while the line determines your maximum cast length, which increases the amount of time you have to catch a fish.

You upgrade each component individually, and doing so costs gold. Once you upgrade a component enough, you will have to buy the next stage, which requires a lot of rubies. Try to save your rubies up for these upgrades, as there are no other ways you can get the later rods.

How to unlock more fishing spots?

If you look at the world map, you will notice you start out on the Amazon River. In order to visit a new place to fish, you must first fish up all of the unique fish at the Amazon River. There are nine in total, and the harder ones are easier to find if you use the more expensive bait.

Once you obtain all of the fish at least once, the next location will be unlocked, and you can move onto bigger and better fish. If you really do not want to go through the trouble, you can also bypass any fish by paying a ruby fee.

How to get more rubies, gold, and goodies?

You will need lots and lots of gold in order to progress through the game at a normal rate. Here is all of the other ways of earning more resources!

  • Your current mission is a great way to earn experience points and gold, and it will be your main method of doing so. You need to do things like fish up a certain amount of fish, upgrade your rod, and so forth, so you will naturally complete them as you go.
  • The prize wheel can be spun for free every four hours, and you can win high rarity bait, gold, and even rubies, so be sure to get your free spins in.
  • The card system, while completely random, can help out sometimes too. Whenever you successfully catch a fish, you will be awarded a random card. Filling out your cards in certain order will result in a prize, but you really have no control over it. It is nice to have, though.

Check out your collection!

Every fish you catch for the first time is recorded in your handy dandy Catalog. In here, you can check all the possible fish to catch in a single region, but what is even better is that each new fish you catch for the first time is marked with rubies.

If you tap the rubies, you will earn a few rubies for claiming the new fish. You can get a lot of rubies through the Catalog, so make sure that you are checking back often to see what you can claim.

And that’s it for Fishing Season! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Fishing Season Guide: Tips & Tricks To Catching Lots of Fish


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