Fisherman Fisher is a really interesting endless clicker type of game (which is not really an endless clicker, as strange as that might sound). Indeed, it’s a unique combination of multiple genres and it’s extremely fun – and that’s all that matters to us. But we’re not here to praise the game, we’re here to talk strategy, with some Fisherman Fisher cheats and tips that will help you get more money, more fish and upgrade your ship to the maximum. It is going to be an incredible ride, so let’s check out below some strategies to maximize our profits and get the most out of the game.

Without further ado, here are Touch, Tap, Play’s Fisherman Fisher cheats and tips:

1. Tap the fish
As often as possible, you should actually tap the fish or material icons above your fishermen. Not only that this speeds up the fishing process, but it also helps you fill the fishing frenzy gauge, which unleashes some extremely intense seconds of continuous fishing which in turn means more money, fish and materials for you. It’s really cool – plus, you don’t really have anything better to do, do you?

2. Keep the game on
One of the biggest problems with Fisherman Fisher, in my opinion, is that the fishermen don’t fish while the game is not running. This means that in order to progress through the game, you have to keep it on at all times. So when you are at home or at work, just plug in your charger and let the game run – you will still have to sell some of your fish every now and then because the fish capacity of your ship will be met, but you don’t have to be 100% there, actually playing the game. This is the easiest way to progress through the game!

3. Manage your monsters carefully
Every now and then, you will get the option to fight a monster and put it into a jail – the said monster giving you some resources, depending on its level, every now and then. You only start with three cells for the monsters and the next one is really expensive (1.2 million coins). However, one important thing you should know is that you can actually sell the monsters that you have stored inside the cages – and the 1 star monster gives you 100,000 coins when selling. Since monsters keep appearing every now and then and if you let them go you get nothing in return, I suggest selling monsters so that you always have one cage remaining for capturing new monsters. You will miss on some low level materials, but get quite some money instead. It’s the best way to deal with things, in my opinion.

4. Sell fish when market price is high
Eventually, as you will have a ton of money, it won’t matter that much anymore, but it’s still good to sell your fish when the market price is better than the average (when the arrow near the fish is blue and pointing upwards). This can result in a ton more money made, especially from selling the higher level fish.

5. Complete the fish selling mission
On the upper left side of the screen, there’s one dude that always has a mission for you: deliver the indicated number of fish and he will pay twice the market value for them. You should always do those missions: simply sell all the other fish in other categories and keep the fish required by the dude. Also, you don’t have to sell him the fish as soon as you get them: wait for the market value to be above the average so that you make even more money!

6. Micromanage your materials
As you progress, you will need more advanced materials to upgrade your ship and crew. You will always progress the same way: the lowest level material will be required first and you’ll work your way up to the next set. This means that once you start needing Rotten Branches, you will no longer need Conch Shells for upgrading and you could sell them. However, the Conch Shells are required to produce the next material, so here is what I suggest you do: as soon as you no longer need a given type of material, just craft 50 of the next one and afterwards sell any excess you have. Do the same with next sets of materials and not only you will have required materials for upgrades almost guaranteed as soon as you have enough money for them, but you will also keep your material storage under control. Alternately, make sure to always look at the number and type of materials required for the next upgrade and work to have the materials ready.

7. Minigames should be all about Black Stones
Each time you get to a port, you get the chance to play a minigame and spin the wheel two times and get some goodies. You should always make it your quest to get stones when doing so – and if you don’t get a score high enough, always use the free chance you get for getting there. Don’t settle for just money as those are easy to be made while simply playing the game, while Black Stones or Gems are really difficult to get!

8. Reincarnate your captain!
Reincarnating doesn’t sound like a lot of fun since you lose most of the stuff that you already have purchased (except for your Captain’s skills – which are unlocked with Black stones), the Adventurer or any Elementals you have purchased. However, this is extremely useful and helps you in the long run, because each reincarnation rewards you with Black Stones based on the level of your ship. Rewards are much better with each new level, but each new level is really difficult to achieve, so I would suggest you to always use the +1 rule: first reincarnate when you reach level 8, then add 1 extra level after each reincarnation. So next time, reincarnate at level 9, next time at 10 and so on – it will make things a lot easier for you and waiting to get from one ship level to another will be difficult, so it’s better to get those extra stones for easy progress!

9. What captain skills to focus on
There are no less than 11 skills you can purchase and upgrade, one of which is premium currency-enabled. They are pretty expensive and some are more useful than others, so I have some suggestions on how to deal with them below: focus on the ones that help you immediately, like Leadership (faster speed means more mini games – and it’s also cheap), Charm (since you make more money) and Charisma. The least useful, in my opinion, are those dealing with monsters (although you will want to increase your damage every now and then to be able to get the better monsters) and those dealing with materials, because you will get them naturally while playing the game.

These would be, for now, our Fisherman Fisher tips and tricks. Do you have anything else to add? Let us know by commenting below!


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