The ocean is a scary place, but nothing is impossible when you’ve got friends on your side! Fish & Trip is a simple one-touch game where you try to build a big school of fish in an ocean full of big scary fish! They’re mighty hungry, so it’s your job to find friends and keep your school safe! Fish & Trip starts off easy but things get really frantic once the feeding frenzy starts! You’ll need your wits about you to survive the ocean, and we’re here to help with our Fish & Trip cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Fish & Trip is all about survival of the the little guys. Remember – you’re never alone in the ocean! Let’s get started with our Fish & Trip tips and tricks guide!


1. Protect your fishies!

The key to getting a high score in this underwater adventure is to protect your school of fish! You earn points equal to how many fish you have at the time of picking up a new one. For example, when you start out, adding the first fish to your school will leave you with a total of two fish, therefore granting you two points. This can go on and on for as long as you can keep your school safe. Conversely, your score multiplier will decrease if you let some of your fish get eaten, and you’ll need to work your way back up.

2. Watch your speed!

Don’t swim straight in one direction for too long, especially if your run has gone on for a while! As you survive the dangerous oceans, the game will slowly speed up. Your school of fish will swim faster and faster and more big fish will start to show up. You’ll need to be quick with your finger to avoid losing a chunk of your school. When things are getting really fast, it’s helpful to just change up directions often. If you go straight in one direction there’s a good chance that you’ll get blindsided by a big fish.

3. Complete the missions!

Once you’ve collected your daily reward, you might be assigned a mission. These missions will ask you to do things like collect a specific amount of eggs, gather a certain number of fish, or reach a certain score. Completing these missions will net you a nice amount eggs, which will allow you a shot at unlocking a new fish! If you don’t really care about the different fish skins, then you can just ignore the missions. We personally love the polka-dotted fish!

4. Consolidate your fish!

You actually have some degree of control where your fish end up “sticking”. Try to imagine an invisible bubble around your main fish. When you collide with new fish, they’ll stick to the bubble around your main fish. Ideally you want to stick your fish all in one spot. The smaller your school is, the easier it’ll be to slip past big fish. If you have fish sticking out in awkward positions, they’re much more likely to get swiped by a big fish.

That’s all for Fish & Trip. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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