Fish Out of Water is a game from Halfbrick that I can see doing very well. The tutorial is very well explained as it’s targeted at a young audience. Here are some Fish Out of Water cheats, tips and tricks to level up and get that 10/10 score from the judgmental crabs.

1. Know Your Fish

  • Finlay, very fast and travels long distances but not the best for skipping
  • Errol, very good for skipping but not for long distances
  • The brothers, very good for a high amount of skips because it splits up into 4 separate fish upon its first skip
  • Olympus, an all-round good ‘lil’ fish, good skips and great distances (if the weather is good)
  • Rocket, the perfect fish for skipping, but keep some boost for near the end to gain extra skips
  • Micro, the largest of all but travels really far with a few skips in between.

2. Know Your Crabs

  • Distance Dorothy, loves super long distance throws more than anything else
  • Reasonable Re, level headed, taking into account skips , distance, and weather
  • Skippy Steve; all about the number of skips, depending on the weather.
  • Nice Natalie; always positive and happy to give out high scores
  • Hard to please Harwood; critical of absolutely everything, even other crabs.

3. Leveling Up
Getting that 10/10 score is not the only aim of the game. Completing set task by using the correct fish right for the task will level you up. Press the flag on the bottom right to find out the latest task.

4. Boost Timing
Timing your boost is key to get you as far as possible and get as many skips as possible.

5. Watch Out For The Weather

  • Weather dramatically affects how your fish will travel. It will also change the water.
  • Snow adds ice to the water meaning you can skip higher
  • Rain & lighting intensifies the waves and makes harder to skip but perfect boost timing means you can hit a wave and skip really far
  • Sunshine bring out the jellyfish, skip on one with a perfect boost will bounce you up a great deal
  • Volcano sun set adds volcanoes that fire you into the air.

6. Treasure
Use your treasure not only to get a high score but to help you level up.

7. Know Your Angles
Different fish fly better at different angles

8. Crystals And Charms
There are 2 types of crystals, small and large. There are also 4 colours to the crystals, yellow, red, blue and black. Each small and large crystal can be combined to make a charm that helps you on your next turn.
This concludes my thoughts, tips and tricks of Fish Out of Water. I recommend this game highly, it’s a very good time consuming game. Perfect for airports or car journeys.


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