First Summoner Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Monsters and Get More Powerful

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all of our First Summoner tips ans cheats to help you defeat all of the monsters that will appear your way and get more powerful, so that you will always come victorious against the forces of Darkness (even though you kinda are one too).

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This game is pretty interesting, and I have to say that, unlike other games which bombard you from the very beginning with quick tutorials which you cannot really understand much from, here you will have a very clear idea on what they teach you, and they also integrated they super nicely into the gameplay!

The game doesn’t lack at all in the animation and graphics department either, since they are really well made and will transport you into the dark world without a doubt.

But enough with the praising of the game for now – you’re here for the First Summoner tips and tricks, so let’s not waste another second and dive right into them!

Start doing the adventure stages

These stages are going to be how you are introduced to the game, and your main way to get cards with summons and spells. You should start doing these stages ASAP because they are going to also give you gears, and tons of EXP.

Set up your cards and go on an adventure because you will see that the rewards you will get are really good and you will definitely have a blast defeating all the monsters left and right!

In my opinion it’s good to start this way and progress as much as you can with your current level and gears, because it’s the fastest way to get more powerful in my opinion. Since you will be able to farm cards and gears from the stages, it’s basically a win-win situation!

Start doing the missions

In game you will receive various missions from the NPCs, and I suggest that you start doing them because they will increase your relationship with that NPC, which is good if you want to get better cards!

Basically just focus on completing the missions from Lune the Card Trader, because the sooner you upgrade your relationship with her, the better! I’ll tell you more about this below!

Other than that, completing missions is good because they will give you Gold, Cards and Diamonds, which are good for anything you want to do in the game.

Check the Card Shop and upgrade Lune

Lune the Card Trader might become your best friend in First Summoner! She will be able to give you cards, and help you even get Legendary cards! When you check her trade cards option, you will be able to buy new cards every day, for Gold.

Check back often and buy the cards, because if you do the missions you will get the Gold back – else, if you don’t want them, just save your Gold for when she will offer you Legendary or Epic cards!

By completing missions from her, you will raise in familiarity with her, which will unlock the following:

– at level 1 you will unlock an extra “Card of the Day” Slot.

– at level 2 you will unlock the second “Card of the Day” Slot.

– at level 3 you will get a chance to get Legendary cards from “Card of the Day”.

– at level 4 you will unlock the last “Card of the Day” Slot.

– at level 5 you increase your chances of getting Legendary cards.

I suggest that you do your best and check out her wares every day, even if you don’t want to play that day, because you can just buy the cards and level them up.

When a Hidden Area pops up, explore it immediately!

After finishing a stage, every now and then you will have a chance to spawn a Hidden Area! These are marked with purple, so whenever you see one, make sure you explore it immediately or after you fix your cards, because it will disappear after a while!

So if you spawn a hidden area and don’t explore it immediately, don’t be surprised if it’s gone by the time you are back! From these Hidden Areas you will get good loot, so make sure you check them out because they are valuable!

Upgrade your cards constantly

Whenever you get enough card fragments, make sure you upgrade your cards, even if you don’t use them. Some missions will require you to use cards that have certain costs or so, and it’s good to have them all upgraded and ready to play with at all times.

Of course, first you should focus on the cards that you are using the most, and only after and if you have enough Gold, focus on upgrading the rest of the cards!

Manage your items properly

Whenever you fight, you will pick up items from time to time. Don’t expect any amazing items at start, but even so make sure you equip them. Always equip the best ones, and sell the ones that you don’t use.

You can also use the old, bad items for upgrading the ones you are using (if you don’t want to sell them), but by selling them you will get a little Gold back!

Destroy everything that you see

When you are fighting in the stages, you will sometimes spot clusters of pots sitting on the sides. Whenever you see them, make sure you tap on them to destroy them, because they will give you bonus Mana back.

This is super useful if you want to sustain yourself with the summons and spells, so make sure you destroy everything that you see! This applies to the chests too – especially to them!

From the chests, depending on their color they are, you can get Mana or HP. The Green chests will replenish your HP, and the purple chests will replenish your Mana. Use these wisely, at the right time! Don’t heal while you are at full HP!

During the big boss stages, learn their patterns!

When you are fighting the big bosses (you can tell, because they are in separate arenas) they will have their own set of skills and moving patterns. I suggest that you take your time and learn them, because they will help you know what to deploy, when to defend and when to move.

They can be super powerful, so I really advise you to take your time, watch the bosses and learn before you spend all your Mana on units which will get destroyed within seconds!

These would be all of our First Summoner tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some other useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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First Summoner Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Monsters and Get More Powerful

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