The classic first person game Bioshock has been released on the App Store a while back but the game hasn’t been available for purchase for some time as the game had compatibility issues with iOS 8.4. Those who purchased the game, however, were still able to download the game again. Unfortunately this cannot be done any longer, as the game has been completely removed from users’ purchase history.

Publisher 2K has not yet talked about the matter so it’s too early to say if the game is gone for good from the App Store. There have been times when games are pulled from the App Store without an advance notice but this is one of the very few times when the game is completely removed from users’ purchas history. We will let you know more about the matter as soon as something new comes in on the matter.

The iOS version of Bioshock was, unfortunately, not the best way to experience the game, as touch controls didn’t work as intended. This version of the game also received several graphical changes like the removal of dynamic shadows and changes to fog that make the game look different than the other versions and ultimately worse. While this version of Bioshock was far from being the best, it was definitely nice having the option of playing this nice game on the go.

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