First Look of Valorant Mobile Leaked

Valorant Mobile First Look
Valorant Mobile First Look

Valorant Mobile, the much anticipated handheld FPS title of the year, has finally received its first look. It’s being reported that an early Alpha testing phase has begun in China, though an official confirmation is still pending.

With that being said, the first few images of Valorant Mobile have surfaced on the web, providing a brief glimpse of how the game will actually look on mobile devices. Here’s the first look at Valorant Mobile leaked by data miners.

Valorant Mobile: First Few Images

As everyone knows, Valorant is far from being a finished product, but the leaked images from the beta are much better than we expected.

Login Screen

Valorant Mobile Login Screen
Valorant Mobile Login Screen. (Imave via Chinse beta)

As with most online games, Riot Games will require players to sign up for an account in order to play Valorant Mobile. From the above image, it’s safe to assume that the Chinese players can sign up for the Valorant Mobile beta via WeChat or Qq. However, it remains to be seen what other login services Riot will provide in other countries.

Loading Screen

Valorant Mobile Loading Screen

Here’s what Valorant Mobile’s loading screen looks like.

In-game Lobby

Valorant Mobile Main Menu screenshot

Valorant Mobile’s in-game lobby or main menu looks identical to its PC counterpart. However, the developers have added a few reliable features in the bottom left corner of the screen, such as chat, mic mute, and more. In addition to this, Riot has moved the ‘Start’ button to the bottom right instead of placing it in the center of the screen.

Ascent Map

Valorant Mobile Ascent Map
Valorant Mobile Ascent Map

Ascent is one of the most beloved maps in Valorant and a full-frame gameplay screenshot has emerged for the same. As we can see in the above image, the screenshot is captured from the POV of Jett in the Ascent’s attacker spawn.

Besides this, players also get to see a dedicated ‘Buy’ button right in the center of the screen, where they can spend credits to purchase weapons and abilities.

So that’s all about the first look of Valorant Mobile. We’ll make sure to keep this article updated with the latest screenshots once it surfaces on the web.

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First Look of Valorant Mobile Leaked


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