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First Hero Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win All Fights and Get More Powerful

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to go through all of the First Hero tips and cheats to help you put together the best team of heroes and to build a powerful city, with strong buildings which will allow you to take on simply anyone.

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If you like auto chess kind of games, but also strategy base builders, then you will be in for a good experience in First Hero, since this game more or less combines the two! You’ll be able to summon powerful heroes to fight, while also having a city to manage and keep up to date with the upgrades.

So, if you are ready to learn everything that we have about First Hero, let’s not waste another second and dive right into the First Hero tips and tricks right here below!

Follow the quest line

As much as I like building resource farms in strategy base builders at start, in this game I have found that the best way to approach the game is to start by following the quest line. If you do that, the quests will walk you through absolutely everything that the game has offer, while also making good progress.

I suggest that you follow the quests at start because it will be the easiest way to level up and save a ton of Crystals as well as learn how pretty much everything works.

Upgrade your buildings and construct new ones

The buildings can be upgraded quite a bit, depending on your player level and Royal Palace level. Usually these things go hand in hand, since the Royal Palace is your most important structure – but the other buildings will need some special attention too.

I suggest that you check out every building that you have constructed in your fortress at all times, to make sure that they are at the maximum level available for the current Royal Palace level and player level.

You can also build new ones whenever you see a white dialogue box with construction icons inside it. This usually happens whenever you make a new Royal Palace upgrade, because that unlocks new features.

To upgrade the currently constructed buildings you will see a green arrow right next to them whenever it is available to upgrade them, but you will need to have the necessary resources to do so.

Once you see that they have the green arrow, tap on the building you want to upgrade and then select “Enhance”. This will require some resources, and if you have them you can proceed. The upgrading process will take a few seconds at start, then minutes and so on. Basically it takes more and more time, but you can speed this up in various ways.

Join an active Alliance

By joining an active Alliance you will unlock a few great features, among which my favorite one is helping others and getting help. This feature will basically allow you to request help finishing the construction / upgrading process much, much faster, and without spending your Speed Ups.

All you have to do once you join an Alliance is tick in the option that appears in a pop up window which basically says “Do you want to request support from allies?” – this pop up window, once you ticked in the box, will automatically send help requests to the alliance members without you having to do anything pretty much!

Make sure you do this because you will see that it is pretty useful in the long run, when upgrades and such take a long, long time.

Get more Heroes

You will be able to summon more heroes by heading on to the Hall of Heroes. There, you can use Crystals to summon more heroes, by opening the “Summon Hero” tab. If you have followed the game quest line, you will see that you’ll be able to get the 10x summon for free!

This is useful because you never know what you might get from it, so it’s good that you get it for free at the very beginning!

Either way, in the Summon Hero option you will be able to use Mana to summon a featured hero – you can also use Crystals, which is usually the price for non-common heroes. But now, if you want to summon random heroes, you can scroll down and you will see the “Summoning a Random Hero” menu.

There, you can pay 50 Crystals for a Low-Grade Hero summon (or 475 for 10 summons) – or 400 Crystals for a High-Grade Hero summon. The High Grade Hero summon can also be done 10x, and the very first time you will do it costs 1900 Crystals instead of 3800.

I definitely suggest that you save up 1900 Crystals, because it will be well worth it since you can summon even Legendary heroes!

Always train more troops

You never know when you might want to further enhance your army, and therefore I really suggest that you train more troops. If you are not sure what to train, you can think about what troops you like using when you fight. Then you can head on to the Royal Palace and start managing your troops – both Attackers and Defenders.

Since you cannot exceed the max cost of units, you will have to mix and match them until you come up with something that is both cost efficient, and powerful! I honestly prefer using Light Horseman, as they are pretty powerful, but also quite fast!

Progress through the stages

Now one of my favorite parts is going onto the “Adventure” tab in the bottom right side of the screen. There, you will see a ton of levels that you can adventure in and start having fun your own way.

Since the heroes’ formation that you have previously dispatched is going to be applied here, you can think about various tactics and try them all out as well! You can re-play the levels in case you don’t finish them with 3 stars, and really try out various combinations.

Other First Hero tips and tricks:

– Once you complete a stage in Adventure mode with all 30 stars (3 per stage) you will be able to claim all the rewards in the bottom of the screen! If you don’t have enough, you can still claim rewards, but you can check them in the bottom side of the screen to see exactly what you can claim.

– In the left side of the screen you can see a fold menu (an arrow that will unfold a menu with tasks) – tap on it and when you select to do the task there, you can quickly head on to do it without having to tap on the “Move” button in the bottom of the screen. Basically this is like a shortcut tasks menu.

– Tap on the chest in the bottom left corner of the screen! That’s your online rewards and you can claim them every now and then for simply staying online in the game!

– Check your Storage often because you might have some Hero Scrolls that you forgot about and you can open them!

– Take a look at the game events! Since the game has just been newly released there are a ton of summon events and also mileage events! Make sure you check them all out and try to claim all the rewards you can for completing the needed tasks.

– When you deploy heroes during the Adventure mode, make sure you deploy them in front of the enemy units, because that way they will come across their paths and the enemy won’t be able to reach your city walls and damage them!

These would be all of our First Hero tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful tips that you would like to share with fellow players? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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