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Are you curious to learn who the best heroes in First Hero are? Then you’re in the right place, because in today’s article we are going to walk through all of the best heroes in the game and tell you exactly how to pair them up with the troops and make a powerful army for yourself!

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One thing that I would like to mentioned before we dive into the article is that I will not tell you that the Common heroes are exceptional, and advise you to go for them.

They are OK-ish at start, but if you can get better ones (and you will), don’t stick around with the Common heroes when you can have much better ones.

So therefore, I will not go into detail on the best Common heroes in First Hero, because I really don’t think that it is worth it – if you really want to use a Common hero, then you can go for Marcus Antonius, but other than that – no (at least in my opinion).

First Hero – Best Rare Heroes

Angelica – when deployed she increases the attack of the enemy unit with the highest attack by 20% and forces the enemy units to fight among themselves.

Subutai – when you deploy Horsemen, raises their attack by 9% per friendly Horseman and it stacks up to 4 times. It works really great with Horsemen!

Tomoe Gojen – when deployed, boosts his attack by 30%, move speed and attack speed by 25% and it lasts 15 seconds.

Jumong – when deployed, raises Archers’ attack by 25% and defense by 20%. It’s great if you have a lot of Archer troops.

George Washington – when deployed, raises all friendly units’ attack by 35% for 15 seconds. It’s great with pretty much every troop! The stronger, the better!

First Hero – Best Unique Heroes

Agamemnon – enemy’s every third attack deals 175% damage to the enemy. It’s a good and powerful single target unit that you can deploy to deal with enemy heroes.

Hannibal – every attack restores 30% of attack as health. It’s great for sustain.

Zhang Fei – every time enemy heroes use skills, the heroes take damage equal to 150% of their attack and it can stack up to 4 times.

Rinaldo – when deployed, boosts his attack by 40% per enemy Horseman. It’s going to be a great unit to deploy versus enemy Horsemen, because his attack will skyrocket!

Suleyman I – when deployed, gives all friendly units a buff for 15 seconds which give them life steal (30% of damage restored as HP).

King Sejong – when deployed, removes debuffs on friendly units and restores their HP by 30%. It’s a good unit to deal with the debuffers and also gain a little bit of HP back.

Tran Hung Dao – when deployed, reduces enemy Archers and Horsemen HP by 15%, as well as their move speed and attack speed by 15%. This is great to inflict a little debuff on certain enemies.

First Hero – Best Legendary Heroes

Joan of Arc – when deployed, she boosts the friendly Horsemen attack by 25% and their defense by 30%. It’s one of the best units that you should deploy if you have Horsemen as your main unit.

Guan Yu – when deployed, he will boost the defense of all friendly units by 13% per enemy unit.

Lu Bu – when deployed, he will lower the health of 3 enemy heroes by 25%.

Achilleus – when two or more enemy heroes are deployed, he will taunt the enemy and grant himself an invulnerability buff which lasts 12 seconds.

Julius Caesar – when he is defeated by an enemy, he will deal damage equal to 400% of his damage to the enemy. Caesar is kind of a kamikaze, but it’s a good unit.

Lancelot – when he destroys an enemy unit he will recover 50% of HP and get an attack boost of 50% for 30 seconds. This can stack up to two times.

Abraham Lincoln – when deployed, he will reduce enemy heroes’ attack, move speed and attack speed by 25%. It’s a great hero to deploy and give a small handicap to the enemy’s heroes.

Yi Sunshin – when a friendly unit’s HP drops below 70%, he will make that unit invulnerable for 5 seconds, and also grant them a 20% attack buff. This can be cast up to 4 times.

Amaterasu Omikami – when deployed, casts a Revival spell on a single friendly unit. This is good if you want to deploy her once one of your heroes has just died, to gain a free revive.

Miyamoto Musashi – when deployed, raises friendly Infantrymen’s attack by 8% per unit (8% per Infantrymen unit), and their move speed and attack speed by 15%.

Ertugrul – every time the enemy deploys an Infantrymen unit, he will reduce the unit’s attack by 70%. This can stack up to 4 times.

Saladin – when deployed, decreased the damage your encampment will take by 35% and increases the damage enemy encampment takes by 25%.

These would be all of the best heroes that you can assign to your troops in First Hero! I would have to say that it really depends a lot on how you play and how to want to make up your very own strategy, troops and so on, because there are endless possibilities of what you can do.

I would have to say that I really like the heroes that boost certain troops, especially the Horsemen, because that’s what I mainly use, so for me they are the most beneficial. Now for what you use, you can use the hero which gives you the most benefits on that field!

It really is up to you – and your luck! Which are some of your favorite heroes? Also, how do you like to deploy your units? If you have more ideas regarding these, share them with us down in the comments section below!

Also, don’t forget to take a look at our game guide to learn more about the game and how you can get more powerful!

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First Hero: Best Heroes in the Game

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