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Fireball Cat Value – Pet Simulator X

Learn what the current market value of the Fireball Cat is in Roblox Pet Simulator X.

Why are there lovable pets flying through the air? You have Roblox Pet Simulator X‘s latest event to thank for that! Appropriately titled Yeet Event 2023, this limited-time event introduces a brand-new minigame where players take their precious pets and see who can toss them the farthest.

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The Yeet Event also introduces a variety of super rare pets, one of which is the blazing fast Fireball Cat. If you want to trade for the Fireball Cat, you have to know what it’s worth first, so here is the Fireball Cat’s value in Pet Simulator X.

Market value of the Fireball Cat in Pet Simulator X

In the main hub area, you can now take a rocket ship that leads you to Yeet Event. Here, you can toss your pets down a rainbow road, earning a new currency called Yeet Coins with every toss. The farther your pets go, the more Yeet Coins you earn.

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You can spend Yeet Coins on exclusive Yeet Event eggs, split into three categories: Jetpack Eggs, Fireball Eggs, and Wild Eggs. Oddly enough, the Fireball Cat does not drop from the Fireball Eggs—instead, it can appear out of a Wild Egg. It costs a whopping 10,000,000,000 Yeet Coins to unlock access to the Wild Eggs.

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The main advantage to the Yeet World pets is that they fly farther than normal pets, so it makes it easier to earn Yeet Coins with them. Since they have this advantage coupled with the fact that the drop rates are abysmally low, you can probably guess that the Fireball Cat’s value is going to be off the charts, no matter the rarity. See for yourself:

  • Normal value: 1,200,000,000 diamonds (1.2b)
  • Golden value: 5,500,000,000 diamonds (5.5b)
  • Rainbow value: 28,000,000,000 diamonds (28b)
  • Dark Matter value: 185,000,000,000 diamonds (185b)

These values were taken from Cosmic Values, the number one resource for current market prices on every pet in Pet Simulator X, so you know they are accurate. If the numbers above do not scare you, join the Big Games Discord server to look for trading opportunities.

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Fireball Cat Value – Pet Simulator X