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Best Pets in Roblox Yeet a Friend!

Best Pets in Roblox Yeet a Friend!
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Roblox Yeet a Friend has so many pets to collect and use to help you YEET your little friend across the chasm! There are Pets of all rarities and types, and each one is as cute as can be. The better the Pet, the more it can boost your yeeting capabilities so it is good to know which Pets are most useful and most valuable in Roblox Yeet a Friend. Let’s find out which Pets you should try to unlock as you play.

Most Valuable Pets in Roblox Yeet a Friend

Pets are gained by purchasing Eggs in different worlds or by buying from the Yeet a Friend store. Each Egg can give you a different type of Pet of varying rarities so check to see what they can offer before purchasing! The rarities range from Common to Secret, with Secret being the most rare and valuable Pet to unlock.

A Secret Pet is available from virtually any Egg but won’t show on the Egg’s prize info (hence why it is considered SECRET!) There is a one-in-a-million chance of unlocking a Secret Pet, which is why they are so rare and so valuable in Roblox Yeet a Friend! A lot of the best Pets are either Secret, Legendary, or Mythic.

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The trick to unlocking decent Pets is to save up as much Energy as possible and buy as many cheap Eggs as you can that offer a chance to get Legendary or Mythic Pets. Any duplicates can be merged to craft a Golden version which is pretty cool!

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Remember: you don’t have to spend any money in Roblox Yeet a Friend to get good pets, just spend time playing, gaining energy, and unlocking as many Eggs as possible to get Legendary and Mythic Pets, and the chance of getting a Secret Pet!

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Best Pets in Roblox Yeet a Friend!