Get ready for some extreme kung-fu action! Fingers of Fury is a simple one-touch game that has you fending off against a horde of axe wielding thugs! Timing is everything here so we’re going to help you hone your skills with our Fingers of Fury cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Use punches as much as possible!

You may be tempted to just spam the roundhouse kick, but don’t do it! It leaves you open at the end of it and most importantly you don’t gain score multipliers from it. For every punch you land on an enemy, .1 is added to your score multiplier. This is important in the long run for racking up a lot of points!

2. Feint to gather enemies!

If you throw a punch at an enemy who isn’t quite within range, they will briefly stop to avoid the punch. After about a split second, they will resume moving towards you. You can use this to your advantage!

3. Roundhouse multiple enemies!

While the roundhouse kick doesn’t add anything to your score multiplier, it can benefit from a flat multiplier. For example, hitting two enemies at the same time with one roundhouse doubles the points. Three enemies is tripled, and so forth. Remember this tip in conjunction with the feint punches to purposely gather up a big group of enemies to roundhouse!

4. Watch out for the red enemies!

Enemies will normally go down with one hit, but the red enemies are armored. They can take three punches before they go down, but one roundhouse will take them down immediately. When you punch them, they will block the attack and must be attacked repeatedly to finish them. When they block, they will act as if you feinted them. They will pause for about half a second then continue after you. Try to gather them with other enemies and roundhouse!!

5. Keep your eyes on the enemies!

It’s best to watch the enemies carefully. Eventually you’ll get a feel for your character so you can keep your eyes on the enemies. Sometimes you may miss a punch and accidentally feint when you didn’t mean to, and you need to be ready to react.

May your strikes be true and your fingers be filled with fury! If you have any other tips or tricks to share please let us know in the comments below!


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