Final Kick Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Win Tournaments


Final Kick is an extremely amazing new penalty shooting game, with beautiful graphics and many players to face in online matches. We’re here to share with you some Final Kick cheats: tips and tricks that will hopefully help you score a ton of goals and win all the matches for instant rewards and continuous play. It’s not easy to beat your opponents and time seems to be your biggest enemy, so let’s check out below some Final Kick tips and tricks to keep on winning!

At the moment, there are no Final Kick cheats available for this amazing iOS game, but we’ll update the article as soon as we find something! Now let’s check out the tips and tricks below!

1. Multiplayer vs. Single Player
Different strategies work based on the type of game you play. In multiplayer, you must make some perfect shots in order to score goals, while in Singly Player you should go for “cheats” that fool your opponent. So adjust your strategy depending the game mode that you play, knowing that an easy shot in one type of game is not necessary an easy shot in the other!

2. Guaranteed Goals
Although we all know that there’s no such thing in Final Kick, there are some shots that increase your chances of scoring a goal. Learn to shoot at the sides at medium or high height because there are the most difficult shots to parry. Also learn to shoot curve balls because these fool your opponent the most.

3. Slowly draw your shot
You can slowly “draw” your shot on the screen for increased precision but less power. However, a precise shot is sometimes better than a powerful one if it can’t be parried!

4. Ignore score multipliers
If you’re not experienced enough, try to ignore the score multipliers that appear in your game and focus on scoring the goals instead, because that’s what you need to win. The multipliers are of course great if you can really get them, so if you are skilled enough, they make the game even more interesting!

5. Train your players
And leave the game, unfortunately, because there’s quite a lot of time you have to wait for a player to train. So make sure that you use all your energy and coins before starting a training session, because otherwise you won’t be able to play (or you will have to cancel training). There are multiple areas that you can train your players in, and I would suggest focusing on them in this order: Power, Effect and Stamina. Don’t forget that you can train two players at once – this is extremely useful, because you have the same number of points for each player, not a limited number for all of them.

6. Train special skills using a cheat
Or kind of a Final Kick cheat: you can watch videos and earn 20 free coins for each. These coins can be used to play in online matches, but I would suggest to invest first in upgrading the special skills of your players. The Panenka is a really good skill to use because it fools players in online matches, and the same can be said about Foot Change. Try them all out and see which one works best for you.

7. Buy boots
Boots are extremely important pieces of equipment as they give you extra power and effect stats. It’s simply a matter of choosing the one you can afford and using it – the more you pay, the better the stats. Try to equip your main player with this one!

8. Change the quality
If the game is laggy for you – for example, if running on an older device, you can hit the settings button (wheel icon) in the main menu and change the game quality to 1. The lower, the number, the lower the quality, but better your game’s performance.

9. Don’t use in-game distractions in single player
And if you can, don’t use them in multiplayer either. They are not very helpful and players in online games tend to get used with these tricks, so only use them if you really can benefit from them. Otherwise, spend all those valuable coins to enter (and win) tournaments and improve the skills of your players.

Here is a video of me playing Final Kick for the first time and trying (unsuccessfully) to get used with the shooting mechanics. Master those and you’ll master the game!

This would be all in terms of Final Kick tips and tricks, I really hope that you enjoyed reading them and that they will help you at least a little bit from now on!

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Final Kick Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Win Tournaments


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