The world of Final Fantasy XV comes to mobile platforms! In Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, you will fight alongside your favorite Final Fantasy XV heroes like Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus as you strive to bring your kingdom into greatness. Our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire cheats and tips will help jump-start your journey into the magical world of Eos!

The time is come to star in your own Final Fantasy legend! Let’s get started with our Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Load up on the timed quests!

You have Hero, Guild, and VIP quests in addition to your regular Empire quests. The difference is that these three types of quests aren’t actually… “quests” in the traditional sense. You go into the submenu and activate a quest of your liking and simply wait until the time allotted expires, and voila! The quest is complete. You should queue up as many of these as you can considering you don’t actually need to actively do anything.

Two notes, though. You can only queue up a Guild quest if – as the name implies – you’re part of a guild. You should join one as soon as you can; any random one will do. VIP quests can only be queued if you have an active VIP subscription, which can be gotten temporarily from the VIP consumables.

Invest in the Treasury!

You get to build the level 1 version of the Treasury during the tutorial. You can deposit gold – the premium currency of the game – here and get back an investment bonus. At level 1 the Treasury has a two hour investment time with a 10% interest rate. That means that if you deposit 100 gold, you’ll get back 110 gold after two hours, which is a net profit of 10 gold.

Unfortunately, to upgrade the Treasury past level 1, you’ll need to buy something with real money, but it’s perfectly fine to stick with the regular Treasury. Do this often to slowly but surely to increase your gold income!

Grab your secret gift!

See that little chest at the bottom of the screen? That’s the Secret Gift. Every fifteen or so minutes you can open it up for free. These chest contain random goodies in them, and they can range from being any of the resources or valuable gold. Be sure to leave the game running so you can open as many of these as possible!

Compete in the events!

Tapping the red spooky banner on the right side of the screen will bring you to the event menu. Here you can check out all of the current events. Events will ask you to do different things, and the better you are it, the more rewards you’ll get once the event ends! For example, the current event is a Monster one. Whoever can defeat the most monsters in Eos will be rewarded! Take a crack at these events for some great stuff!

Occupy the resource caches!

You will eventually run low on resources if you depend solely on your in-base farms. You’ll need to venture out in the world of Eos and occupy a nearby resource cache. There’s a cache for each type of resource. You’ll need to send out an exploration party. Once they reach the cache, they will begin to gather resources until they’re full, then they’ll automatically head back to your kingdom. Be careful! Your party can get attacked at any time during this, so you’ll need to keep a watchful eye out.

Keep your queues busy!

Base building games are always all about… well, base building! To keep your kingdom progressing at a nice, steady rate, you’ll need to ensure that all of your queues are working towards something. Not building anything? Upgrade one of your existing buildings! Not researching anything? Research literally anything to give yourself an advantage in some regard! Don’t have enough troops? Keep training new soldiers in the training grounds!

That’s all for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to make it big in Eos, let us know in the comments below! Also, if you have any specific questions about areas of the game, do let us know as well!


  1. Do you have any advice about gaining loyalty or more specifically earning/buying an advanced teleport? I joined a new guild and I am looking to teleport to their area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • send your hero on monsters as soon as he can, on a level 2 monster you earn ~100 loyalty by attack. Complete all your quest every 6 hours, it grant about 500loyalty points by quest. Help your guild mates every day.
      With those advice you should earn about 20 000 point a day and if you’re lucky with the quests you’ll earn a rare one with 3500 points ;)

  2. Christina, If You have not already used your teleport, you should already have a free one.
    • Go to items
    • Select my items then special ☆
    • Scroll down until you see teleport info
    • follow the instructions to teleport.
    ◇ Remember, you’ll need to know the guild base (hive) co-ordinates i.e. X _ _ _ Y_ _ _

    • Resources can be traded through the trading post I believe it opens at citadel lvl 10 but it has a steep tax. Starts at 50% resources you send is all that they will receive. So 1 million sent will only give the other player 500,000 last resort just have your guild kick you. Then lower the vault protection on the resource you want to trade and let them raid you. No tax and pretty simple. Obviously send your troops and hero away to avoid any power loss or troop death. Wall traps will kill their troops too so if you do that method plan ahead good luck!

    • Use siege engines. They hold the most load. You have to send enough to hold loot. When sending troops to occupy, it will tell you how much loot you’ll gather.

  3. Can you explain massive defeats and losing your hero? If I send a march with my hero, does the target have to kill all my troops in the march or just enough to capture my hero?

  4. How to occupy a monster’s lair after ther monster is defeated? Should i remove my protection barrier? Can’t march my troops in the lair

  5. I believe the minimum troop level to march to a lair is 1000. Troop type doesn’t matter. For every 1000 sent, you retrieve 1 loot if they are there for the full time. If there are 10 loot available and you sent 4000, you will collect 4 if you leave the troops for the full time (over 3 hours), if you pull them back after 1/4 of the time you’ll get only 1, less than 1/4 you get nothing. Whatever remains is still there for you or someone else to retrieve on another trip.

  6. What level does your citadel need to be to ensure it doesn’t randomly teleport away? We are attempting to make second accounts to build a defensive wall around our hive.


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