The now classic Square Enix role playing game Final Fantasy VII is remembered not only for the excellent story and characters, but also for the many mini-games that have been included in the game, making the classic role playing game formula more varied.

One of these minigames was a simple racing game where Cloud, the main character of the game, had to cut down Shinra goons while riding a bike. The mini game was pretty simple but quite fun.

Later this autumn it will be possible to play this mini game over and over on our mobile devices, as Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy VII G Bike will be launching on iOS this Fall.

Final Fantasy VII G Bike is going to sport some new features not found in the original mini game. Players will also be able to jump and slide during the game, as well as select one bike from a wider selection and use Materia to customize your bike and character.

Final Fantasy VII G Bike is only going to be the beginning, according to Square Enix. The Japanese company has plans to release several other Final Fantasy VII mini games as stand alone mobile titles.

Final Fantasy VII G Bike will launch this Autumn on the App Store.



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