Final Fantasy VI, one of the classic Final Fantasy games now available on the App Store, can be purchased right now for a slightly reduced price.

The successful role playing game developed by Square Enix is now available for purchase for $10.99 instead of the usual $15.99. While the discount is not all that big, it’s still nice for those that have yet to get the game to purchase it and save a bit in the process.


Final Fantasy VI is still today one of the best role playing games ever released and the iOS port is a really good way to experience the game. As we have noted in our Final Fantasy VI review, the iOS port leaves the gameplay experience largely untouched, with a few tweaks here and there that actually improve it. The iOS port also comes with enhanced graphics and new sprites which unfortunately look a bit off, especially if one is used to the classic sprites used in the SNES and PSX versions of the game.

Final Fantasy VI is now available for purchase on the App Store for a reduced price. Make sure to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible if you have yet to experience one of the best Japanese role playing games ever released.




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