Final Fantasy VI is still today one of the best Japanese role playing games released in recent years, thanks to the game’s unique story, compelling characters and gameplay experience.

Even though the game is definitely not a hard experience, some gamers may find some troubles in understanding the characters’ different abilities as well as defeating some monsters blocking their path, especially if they are newcomers to the game.

If you’re having troubles with one of Square Enix’s finest role playing games, here are some tips and tricks that will help you on your journey.

  • Edgar’s Tools

Earlier in the game, Edgar’s tools will be one of the best way to dish out some huge amounts of damage to the enemies withou spending MPs. You will only have a single tool in the beginning, so make sure to buy them as soon as possible. One man in Figaro Castle has several of them on sale even during your first visit.

  • Sabin’s Blitz

Sabin’s Blitz attacks are another way to heavily damage enemies without spending MPs. Some of them also have elemental properties, making them effective against enemies weak to specific elements. Don’t worry about missing any of them, as Sabin learns Blitz attacks by leveling up.

  • Dealing with Undead enemies

Just like several other Final Fantasy games, it’s really easy to deal with undead enemies and even bosses with a simple trick. Undead creatures in Final Fantasy VI are actually damaged by healing magic spells. The same goes for Potions and other restorative items. If any undead is giving you a hard time, just use a Phoenix Down on them and they will be gone instantly. This trick also works with some bosses, like with the Phantom Train, so use it as soon as you encounter an undead enemy.

  • Espers

After a certain point of the game, you will be able to assign Espers to all your playable characters and let them learn magic spells attached to Espers. What some gamers ignore is that Espers also grant some level up bonuses which can be used to improve certain stats and even customize the characters further. You may make some characters not good with Magic better with this trick or just make their already good stats even better.

  • Recruiting Mog

Most gamers manage to recruit Mog in the second half of the game but there’s a way to get him in your party as soon as you can control your airship. Head to Narshe, and chase the Lone Wolf thief by entering the treasure hunter’s house in the eastern part of the town. After following the thief, you will have the chance to save Mog in the mines. After saving him, he’ll join your party.



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