Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, the role playing game based on the Final Fantasy series developed by DeNA now available in all regions on the App Store, is going to receive a brand new update including several new features that will make the game more enjoyable.

The biggest addition of the upcoming update are the Memory Crystals, which can be used to increase the Max Level Cap. Each character requires his or her own Crystal and, once obtained, it will allow them to reach Level 65. Record Materia will also be introduced, allowing players to enjoy a variety of perks for characters that have increased their level cap.

The additions don’t end here. Following the update, players will finally be able to add friends in-game and make one of their characters as a Roaming Warrior, who will be available to other players¬†to unleash a powerful Soul Break attack.¬†Another welcome addition will be the Quest feature, which will task players with completing specific objectives and win rewards.

Right before the new Final Fantasy: Record Keeper features will become available, the game will be undergoing maintenance for a few hours. The new features will become available tomorrow morning in North America.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is now available for download for free on the App Store.




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