A new Final Fantasy game has been announced by Square Enix recently, a mobile role playing game with a great focus on social features.

The new entry of the successful role playing game series will be called Final Fantasy Artniks Dive and it’s actuall the sequel of another game called Final Fantasy Artniks. Unlike the previous game, however, Final Fantasy Artniks Dive will play more like classic Final Fantasy games, with players having the ability to choose different classes, explore large maps, fighting enemies in a turn based combat system and more. The game is also going to include a huge number of monsters that can be summoned during battle.

Final Fantasy Artniks Dive is going to be a free to play game, so you can expect the usual grinding, upgrading and other features. The strong focus on social features will also allow you to trade materials for upgrading weapons and more.

Final Fantasy Artniks Dive has only been announced for Japan as of now. The original Final Fantasy Artniks hasn’t been released West so chances are slim that Final Fantasy Artniks Dive will be released in North America and Europe. We’ll keep you updated on the game as soon as more news come in on it so stay tuned for all the latest updates.



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