A new entry of the Fighting Fantasy series has been released a few hours ago on the App Store, allowing players to explore another mysterious location and play through another thrilling story.

Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones will make players venture across the high seas seeking revenge. The pirate lord Cinnabar has killed your parents and its time for him to pay. However this pirate has apparently been killed already and has managed to come back to live through some strange vodoo ritual, adding more mystery to the story.


Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones doesn’t play all that differently from previous entries of the series developed by Tin Man Games, as it uses the same engine. This isn’t necessarly a bad thing, especially for fans of the series who have loved the previous games.

Another entry of the series has been released around a year ago on the App Store. Fighting Fantasy: Island of the Lizard King told the story of a group of young men kidnapped by the terrible Lizardmen of Fire Island. Players will have to try and escape the island while confronting the terrible Lizard King, who is controlling the Lizardmen through sorcery.

Fighting Fantasy: Bloodbones is now available for purchase on the App Store for $5.99




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