Mad Rocket: Fog of War, the latest game from Four Thirty Three Inc, is here to totally change the base-building strategy genre. In this new approach to the strategy game, you’ll have to invade your enemy’s base while fighting through thick fog. How do you prepare your units for an enemy they can’t even see? The game will have you building strategy in new ways in rich, challenging combat.

Carefully build a strategy for infiltrating the enemy base, taking into account any traps and obstacles they’ve prepared for you. Choose your units from the battle deck, sending out a variety of troops that can meet any challenge, be it aerial attacks or powerful ground units. Get creative with your strategy here, and you’ll be richly rewarded. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to much more powerful units and weapons. You’ll even have the chance to fight for a spot in the Seasonal Rankings, earning prizes, medals, and fame.

The action doesn’t stop there, though. You’ll also need to prepare your own impenetrable base. Find ways to trick your enemies and protect the precious resources you’ve gathered. You can lay out your base any way you like, giving you the freedom to build up the fortress you’ve always been dreaming of.

Pre-registration for Mad Rocket: Fog of War is open for iOS (via email here) and Android now. Folks who sign up will receive 600 Gems, 200 Gas, and a Rare Chest x3 when the game launches. Get yourself prepared for a fight – Mad Rocket: Fog of War is out worldwide on October 30.


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