From Rastar comes a new and exciting adventure RPG, Aurora Legend! This game places us in the world of Aurora, a fantasy world with surreal landscapes which have unfortunately been changed by the demons.

Players will be tasked to eliminate the demons and purify those once prosperous lands, in order to restore peace and harmony. There aren’t many who have dared fight back against those dark forces, but the few heroes who’ll join your party will do their best, and with players’ help might even succeed!

Aurora Legend will feature hundreds of heroes, each carrying their own unique story and power, and once combining their unique skills, players will be able to partake in an infinite number of adventures.

There will also be a Rune system in the game, which is going to let you enhance every and any hero, no matter how weak he or she is. So by crafting and equipping in the right slot the Runes (very wisely though, so you might have to test a lot) any hero will have the potential of becoming the strongest one.

The game will allow each player to form their own strategies and play style along with a powerful team, which will result in a very unique and fun experience for everyone all-round. 

Since the game will have some uniquely random generated maps, those tactics and strategies mentioned above will come in handy for sure, as players can never know what to expect. (so let’s pray to the god of RNG that there won’t be some super tough stuff ahead)

The Aurora Legend pre-registrations are currently open, and players who choose to pre-register will receive some really cool rewards in game (once it launches, of course)! The simple pre-registration rewards will be a Sunny AR Card and 100x Diamonds, but there’s more rewards!

These rewards get better and better the more people pre-register, as follows:

– 10k pre-registrations: 50k Gold, 100x EXP Books, 5x Legendary Shards

– 20k pre-registrations: 100k Gold, 50x Diamonds, 5x Mystery Hero Tokens

– 30k pre-registrations: 2x 1-Draw Coupons, 100x Diamonds, 10x Legendary Shards

– 50k pre-registrations: Sandra 

– ??k pre-registrations (over 50k for sure): Level 40 Legendary Weapon

So let’s head on to the pre-registration page and sign up, because the pre-registrations will end on March 12th! 


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