EA has finally launched the highly anticipated FIFA Mobile, the game that we knew until recently as FIFA Ultimate Team. The change of names brings new features and we are here to talk about them and share with you some FIFA Mobile cheats & tips.

Our tips will help you get the most out of the game, even though you still have to do the actual playing and put these tips to good use. But if you’re having trouble progressing as fast as you’d like to in FIFA 17 Mobile, our tips and tricks will surely help.


So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below Touch Tap Play’s FIFA Mobile tips and cheats for beginner players (and not only!)

1. Always keep an eye on the Live Events
The Live Events are amazing for getting a ton of coins in the game (especially with those First win rewards), and also for winning cards for plans and improving your game. Make sure you always keep an eye on the Live events (check out the entire map!) and replay those that can be replayed and are easy to win in order to win a ton of Coins.

2. Attack Mode is your friend
I love this game mode as it allows you to play against players all around the world in turn based systems. Each match has four turns and even if the players you challenge don’t respond (many won’t) you still get a lot in terms of rewards and especially fans.

Fans are rewarded for your in-game performance, so even if you lose but you score a ton of goals, you still have a lot to win. The Attack Mode is fast, requires just 1 energy per turn and it’s extremely rewarding in terms of Coins and Fans. Just pick players with an overall team rating lower than yours and you’re all set!

3. The tactic matters
Unlike previous FIFA Ultimate Team games, in FIFA Mobile 17 you need to have all the possible positions filled, so you need a total of 27 players. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to use all of them! Instead, focus on building a strong team based on a formation you like playing, and always use that formation/tactic in all your matches.

This way, you will win more games and it will be easier for you to build a perfect team than if you would try to build a legendary one for 27 positions. Many players don’t do that and they stretch out too thin, becoming easy prey!

4. Join a league ASAP
As soon as you reach level 5, you can join leagues in the game. You should do this as soon as possible, but expect the process to be lengthy as most leagues have reached their pending invites limits. But don’t apply to just one – apply to as many as possible (there’s a limit of 5 per 5 minutes you can apply for) and eventually you will have your league. Being part of an active league with good players is key for winning more out of it.

5. You don’t have to play the games
Unless you really want to compete in the matches and do things yourself, which is basically the whole point of the game, you can let the AI do the work for you. It won’t play great, but you have this option. Simply don’t touch the virtual joystick on the screen and the AI will play for you. This might work well in some occasions during the Attack Mode matches as the shots of the AI are usually very well aimed.

6. Find the control method that works for you
You can pass the ball around and shoot it by swiping your finger on the screen and in some occasions that might work better. Try playing with the virtual joystick or the touch controls (or a bit of both) and see which one works best for you.

In my case, I mix and match them a little bit: I usually use the touch controls for passing exclusively and sometimes for shooting. It’s a bit difficult to get used to doing it at first, but it works better in my case. Try them out and see what works for you!

7. The Market
The Market, especially now that the game has just been launched, is a great place to get some amazing players. You can get some really high rating players (70 and above) for as low as 800 Coins. All you have to do is to set your search filters to show only players with a rating of over 70 that have a Buy Now price of 1,000 or up to 1,500.

Keep refreshing that and you will get your players quickly! Of course, if you want a specific position or player, you can do that as well. But for now, getting anything over 70 for a low price will help you a lot!

8. Don’t forget about the Plans
There are a lot of Plans that you can complete in FIFA Mobile this year, many of them rewarding you with some really nice things, including unique, superstar players. Completing the plans is not easy, but if you get a bit organized, you can do them over and over again and get great players or sell them for some nice Coins (that you can use later on in the game to get even better players!)

The more active you are in the game, the better it is for you, so make sure you put all that Energy you have in the game to good use! If you have other tips and tricks, let us know by sharing a comment below and if you want to know something in particular, don’t hesitate to ask.



    • its up to your player is in the list of upgrade or not @@ e.g Hazard, Kaka now can be upgraded to higher OVERALL, but need to complete the plan (hard to find and so long to be enough cards)

      • Remember there are different plans that give players and these are the only ones you can upgrade, some for a long time others for some events or seasonal you just walk around the tabs and you’ll find out what you can get and how to upgrade it if available. Read carefully and watch out if they are available for long time or for some days so you can decide how to spend your energy or buy packs with fifa money or fifa points if you think you’ll need the packs to complete. Or as I’ve said before if you’re using credit card well just do what you want really, don’t take me wrong i am not being rude.

  1. I have a lot of victory tokens in the game. However, I don’t know how to use them. Please explain to me what’s the use of victory tokens in the game.

    • Use them to upgrade any of the three players they offer you the one you choose then you will have to keep upgrading it. Kaka, oblak or david luis depends on what you need. And if you have enough fifa points or use your credit card then you can buy the tokens to use the three of them and then keep upgrading as you advance in your vs attack mode and climb divisions. The game only gives one token to begin with one of those players the you choose for free then is up to you to upgrade it. I hope I made myself clear here.

  2. There is the new update in FiFA Mobile now.. and things are changed than the previous one… so update your tips and tricks.


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