FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the new soccer and card collecting game developed by EA Sports, is now available for download in all regions. The game has been released last week in soft-launch mode in Canada and a few other regional stores.

As those who have played previous Ultimate Team games already know, the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team gameplay experience is incredibly engaging, mixing together sports game and card games features. The controls during the actual soccer segments work incredibly well, with taps and swipes used for kicking and more. The game also includes classic controls for those who really don’t want to play the game with any other control scheme.

The card collecting element of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is just as good as ever. In order to build your team, you will have to purchase card packs, which include ball cards, kits cards, stadium cards, manager cards and player cards. Packs can be purchased with coins obtained by playing and real money.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is now available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad. Being a free to play game, you can expect to find IAPs and other typical f2p features that don’t really get in the way of enjoyment, to tell the truth.



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