The iOS version of FIFA 14, the incredibly successful soccer title developed by EA Sports, has been updated today with new national teams and kits.

The new update has been released so that the game will include all the national teams that will take part in the upcoming World Cup, allowing gamers to win the World Cup in the game with their favorite national team.

The new content included in the update don’t end here, as a brand new ball has been included, the Adidas Brazuca ball, as well as new Matches Of The Week.

FIFA 14 on iOS is a really good soccer game that hasn’t changed much from the previous mobile entry of the series. This isn’t a completely bad thing per se, since FIFA 13 was a quite nice game. FIFA 14 iOS is a free to play title so you can just download it right to see if it’s good enough for you without having to invest any money in it.

FIFA 14 is now available for download on the App Store. The game is completely free so download it right away to see if it’s a game that can keep you busy on the go. The new update is also available right now for download.



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