Ferdinand is on a quest to bring the joy of music and dancing to the whole world! Ferdinand: Unstoppabull is a fun little mix of a match-3 puzzle game and an idle game. Match musical notes to get everyone in the groove, and manage your coins in the background!

There are some furious dance offs to get through, so our Ferdinand: Unstoppabull cheats and tips will help you become unstoppabull!

Ferdinand: Unstoppabull combines the fun of managing idle games and the complexity of match-3 puzzle games with some challenge involved, so let’s get started with our Ferdinand: Unstoppabull cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Carry over your special notes!

Every time you match four or more notes at a time, you’ll leave behind a special note. These special note function exactly how you think they would in a typical match-3 puzzle game. They’ll explode in a rows, columns, in areas, and so forth.

Something to keep in mind though is that special notes will actually carry over between rounds. If you have any special note left over on the board when you hit the goal, your little goat friend will suck up the notes and spit them back out on the next board.

Needless to say, you can take big advantage of this! If there’s a specific dance off that’s giving you some trouble, try playing a regular round before heading into the dance off. Create as many special notes as you can, then start up the dance off. You’ll give yourself a big head start this way!

Work around the bottom of the board!

If you start matching notes around the bottom of the board, you’ll have a bigger chance of creating accidental chain reactions, which is always a good thing! Sometimes you just won’t have good matches anywhere, but if you match something near the bottom, that means more space for new notes to come in, which in turn means a greater chance of automatic matches happening!

Check back often for coins!

You’ll need lots of coins to upgrade your various powers, which you should be doing as soon as you get the necessary amount of coins! After you complete level 5, you’ll unlock Bones, the first collector. Collectors will generate coins for you automatically over time, but you’ll need to check back in every now and then.

Coins will stop generating after two hours have passed, so be sure to open the game occasionally to collect your coins. If a dance off is proving to be too difficult, it might be better to just take a break from the game and wait for some coins so you can upgrade your powers.

Focus on Note and Special points!

Upgrading Note Points and Special Points increases the amount of points you get from matching those respective note types. You’ll notice that each upgrade has a maximum – if you upgrade to that point, the next upgrade will double the current bonus you get and raise the cap of the upgrade.

The more you upgrade, the easier it’ll be to reach your goal during the levels. Eventually you’ll be able to upgrade Plant Points and other note types, but you don’t have to worry about those too much since they’re not as abundant as regular notes.

Save your Skills!

Skills function like boosters in a typical match-3 puzzle game. They’ll instantly add special notes to the board and generally help you out. Thankfully you don’t have to buy new ones when you use them but you do need to wait for them to recharge, and your skills have very long cooldowns. For instance the first skill you get, Bee Hive, has a three hour cooldown. Conserve your skills so you can use them when you’re in a real bind!

That’s all for Ferdinand: Unstoppabull! If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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