OCO is a brand new experience that blends rhythm games and platforming adventures into one game. OCO is a minimalistic platformer that has you controlling a little cube that bounces to the beat in creative level layouts.

A typical level in OCO is shaped a like a circle – imagine as if you were travelling across the planet. The world rotates as you move in it, and the levels often uses this in very creative ways.

Utilizing simple one-touch controls, OCO lets players launch, dash, glide, warp, and more in over 135 levels of pure puzzle music goodness. Not only will your platforming skills be tested, but you will need your thinking cap on too.

Each level in OCO is built like a puzzle, and you will need to find out the correct sequence of events in order to pass the level. Jump through barriers, fall through portals, and zip across chasms all with the touch of your finger.

And if that is not enough, OCO features a level editor where players get to create their own rotating level. Create a puzzle level using all of the tools used in the creation of the game’s regular levels, then upload it to the online community. With a whole library of user generated levels, the fun is endless in OCO.

OCO is available now as a free download on the App Store.

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