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Fate Grand Order: How To Skadi Loop

Fate Grand Order: How To Skadi Loop
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Some of the best characters in Fate Grand Order mainly use quick-based battle cards as their main source of power. While they may not have the hit power that buster-based characters do, they are very valued for their ability to recharge their special attack (called a noble phantasm in the game) with two turns or less. This is called looping, and it comes in handy when you are farming materials and experience cards. One of the best characters for looping is the caster Skadi. Utilizing her skills is simple, but quite effective. Here is everything to know about looping with Skadi.

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Regarding Skadi As A Character

Skadi is a limited character who was first available during an anniversary event where a lot of free currency was given out, so there are many players who have her. Therefore, you will almost always be able to find her as a support character. This makes it so that having her on your roster isn’t completely necessary. Summoning her is helpful if you want to use one character to farm, but doing so is definitely not required to loop.

The Best Characters To Put Skadi With

Skadi pairs the best with quick-based characters such as Astolfo, Berserker Lancelot, Edmond Dantes, Billy the Kid, Calamity Jane, and Jack The Ripper. You’ll want to put a special attack gain craft essence on most of these characters so that they can recharge said special attack faster. If you are using Berserker Lancelot, his third skill, Mana Reversal, gives him special attack gain, so he would do better with a craft essence that gives him a headstart charge on his special attack. To see what a craft essence does, press and hold over its icon.

The Best Mystic Codes For Looping and Three Turning

Looping covers two turns if you have one support. The best mystic code to use for special attack gain is Fragment of 2004 since it comes with both a special attack gain buff and a special attack power increase. Optionally, you can use the Combat Suit mystic code to switch out a character on the front line. A strong suggestion if you use Fragment of 2004 is to use the character Arash to destroy the first enemy wave. He is a one-star free archer in the friend point gacha, so anybody can get and train him up quickly. He dies after using his special attack, leaving a free slot open for another character to drop in.

How To Use Looping In Battle

At the beginning of a fight, you’ll want to activate any special attack gain skills you have. Save the ones that increase the actual hitting power for use right before you execute your special attack, as the more damage it does, the more charge up you’ll earn. This includes Skadi’s quick attack boost. When selecting battle cards, pick only the quick and fast ones, as buster ones will not give you any special attack gain. Be sure to select the special attack at the top of the screen first and then the battle cards, as it won’t work if you do it the other way.

How To Use Skadi’s Power

If you used the skills correctly before using a special attack, you will now see that you have a good chunk of your charge refunded. It doesn’t need to be at a certain percent, that will vary depending on the character, the power of the attack, etc. To complete the looping, use Skadi’s 3rd skill, Allfather’s Wisdom, to charge up your special attack by fifty percent. Now you’re ready to knock out the next wave of enemies and better yet, now know the best farming technique for the game.

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Fate Grand Order: How To Skadi Loop


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