Fate Grand Order – How to Defeat Goetia

goetia from fate grand order

Goetia is the main villain of the first arc in Fate Grand Order, as well as the final boss in the last singularity Solomon. He will probably be the hardest battle you encounter, but if you are prepared, it is a doable fight.

How To Dismantle Goetia’s Power

The first thing to know is that Goetia is immune to some buffs, but not all. His Noble Phantasm has Invincibility Pierce, meaning he will hit you even if you have an Evade buff active. However, you can stop him from using this if you use a servant that has the Buff Block skill.

A character available in the Friend Point Gacha with this skill is Mephistopheles. To get his Buff Block skill, you have to fully raise him and do his first Rank Up quest.

Solomon from Fate Grand Order

Buff Block will prevent Goetia from applying the Invincibility Pierce completely. He won’t try to start it again in the second turn, so you can now use Evades to protect your team from his Noble Phantasm. If you have a character with Skill Seal or Noble Phantasm seal, that will also stall him from using his Noble Phantasm on the first turn.

How To Pick Your Team

Goetia takes extra damage from Riders, Casters, Berserkers, and Assassins, so bring a team of those with you. Because he has so many buffs and technical powers, the best setup is for you to choose one powerful single target damage-dealing character and then a group of supports for them. This way, you can stack buffs that can counter Goetia’s defenses, since that niche is what makes it hard to fight him.

Support servants that will be helpful here include Asterios, Hans, and Mata Hari.

You can also stack Attack Down and Defense Up buffs so that his NP does zero damage when it hits. Typically he won’t use his Invincibility Piercing buff on the second and third times he uses his Noble Phantasm, but always make sure it’s not active so you don’t waste buffs.

Don’t Rush To Use Any Damage Moves

As for your own units Noble Phantasms, avoid using them until the fourth turn when his Noble Phantasm resistance buff expires. There’s not much wiggle room in this fight, so don’t waste any character’s Noble Phantasm batteries if possible because you might die before you get to charge it back up.

The Best Mystic Code

For this fight, you’ll absolutely need the Combat Suit Mystic Code. The Combat Suit is worth getting for other future fights as well because of its versatile utility. It is the only thing that allows you to change out the units you have on the battlefield, which can really come in handy if you want a unit to avoid being hit by Goetia’s Noble Phantasm. This Mystic Code also has a Stun skill, as well as one that can buff the attack of the entire party.

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Fate Grand Order – How to Defeat Goetia


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