Fate Grand Order: Everything You Need to Know About the Amazoness Crisis Event

a picture of the amazoness CEO from fate grand order

Fate Grand Order’s next event stars game character Penthesilea in a quest to save her beloved business from going under. For those unfamiliar, this Queen of the Amazons canonically owns a company called Amazoness Dot Com, which, like the real-life counterpart, sells things and delivers packages to customers. The Queen’s employees have all but disappeared, and with no one to deliver the packages, no business means the company is at risk of going under. You as the Master of Chaldea must step up and help out. Here is everything to know about the event.

How The Event Works

Penthesilea in battle in fate grand order

The outline of the playthrough will be similar to the Tale of Setsubun event from 2020. For those unfamiliar, Setsubun involved the player having to climb a hundred-floor tower and defeat a boss on each one. In total, there are about 155 floors over three different towers in Amazoness Crisis. The last 5 are very difficult EX-2 challenges. The higher the floors you go, the harder the opponents will be to beat.

To participate in the event, you just need to have cleared the game’s main tutorial stage Fuyuki. However, if you want to do the separate challenge quests, you have to have cleared Solomon, the last part of the game’s first arc.

How To Use Units In The Event

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In Amazoness Crisis, each unit needs a rest period of 6 hours before they can be used in battle again. You can speed up the recovery by placing your units into the event’s Relaxation Facility area. You can find this area under the Event Shop tab. By playing through the story, players can unlock new parts of the Relaxation Facility. Certain units can be placed in certain parts of the facility that they have an affinity with in order to reduce their cooldown time.

Because of this mechanic, is it recommended that you take full advantage of the prerelease campaign when all the fields for earning experience cards and ascension material will open up at once. Use this opportunity to level any servants you have that need training. Even if you’re not planning to use them a lot later, you want as many units as you can for something like this where you have a limited use of each one.

Something very important to also know is that you cannot use support servants in this event at all except for the separate challenge quests locked behind Solomon. If you’re a newer player that has widely depended on other people’s units to get you through the game, this is definitely the chance for you to clip your wings and try using your own teams.

How To Play

You progress through the story by completing deliveries for the company. For every 10 deliveries, another part of the main quest will unlock. Once you complete a part of the main quest, the next delivery quests will unlock, and so on.

Event Bonuses

For players who have a summoned Penthesilea on their roster, you can unlock a special costume dress that will give her the trademark glasses and tie that you see her in when she’s the Amazoness CEO.

The Craft Essence for this event is called Therapeutic Spa. You get each copy by completing up to a certain amount of floors. You’ll get the first one when you make it to level 20 and then from there on will get another copy at certain level intervals, that being 30, 40, 60, 70, and 80. You’ll get 6 copies in total so you can limit break it and receive the full benefits of the Craft Essence. Limit Breaking means putting 4 of a Craft Essence’s copies onto one copy and making its abilities more potent.

When equipped onto a unit, Therapeutic Spa will increase the number of bond points earned by said unit by 100 percent and 200 percent when you Limit Break it. This makes the event a really good opportunity for farming bond points with some of your units. This bonus only works within the parameters of the event. The Craft Essence’s powers also include increasing your special attack generation rate, charging your special attack gauge per turn, and gaining 3 critical stars every turn. These will work outside the event.

There’s no official announcement on when Amazoness Crisis is dropping, but since the prerelease campaign begins on January 13th, we can definitely expect an announcement very soon.

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Fate Grand Order: Everything You Need to Know About the Amazoness Crisis Event


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