Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a really nice puzzle/ role playing game hybrid that does offer a solid, albeit not too innovative, gameplay experience. If you want to learn more about the game, you have come to the right place, as this Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide will reveal some useful tricks and strategies that will help you keeping your fat little princess as safe as possible.

  • Symbol Types

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake features different symbols that must be matched in order to activate their unique effect. Sword, Bomb and Gun are used to damage enemies, while the heart is used to restore health. The diamond symbols will make you earn diamonds while the cake tiles will charge the princess’ special attack.

In order to activate these effects, you will have to match three of these symbols. Matching four of them will make them change into a special symbol which, in turn, will change all surrounding ones into the same type. Matching five of them will transfrom them into a rainbow symbol, which can be used to clear a specific color. The best way to earn the highest possible rating is to unleash combos so make sure to use these special combinations in order to deal as much damage as possible, as the total damage dealt is used to calculate your rating.

  • Challenge Stages

As expected, Challenge Stages in Fat Princess: Piece of Cake can be quite challenging. Most of the times it’s pretty much impossible to clear them as soon as they are encountered. Luckily, it’s possible to just continue playing regular stages, become better with new upgrades and then later come back. These stages also offer better rewards so make sure to use gold on the slots after completing one of these stages.

The same strategy can be used for regular stages. If you find one that’s too difficult, just head back to a previous one, earn diamonds and use them to upgrade. With the right upgrades, clearing stages will become easier than before.


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