Kabam has just launched the highly anticipated Fast & Furious Legacy game, a new and amazing racing title set in the Fast & Furious universe and also featuring characters from the series to make everything even more fun. But we are not here to praise the game. Instead, we’re here to talk about some Fast & Furious Legacy cheats, actually some tips and tricks that will help you win all races and get the most out of this amazing game.

Every second counts, so let’s not waste any and let’s check out TTP’s Fast & Furious Legacy tips and cheats below!

1. Practice to get a Perfect Launches
Getting a perfect start in the race can make the difference between a narrow win and a heavy loss, so practice until you always get a Perfect Launch. The trick is to anticipate and be ready: you don’t need to always be in the green with the pedal, you can also get slightly ahead before the timer gets to zero and let it fall back to the right position. Practice and you will start getting it right every time.

2. Master Gear Changes
For the race types where you have to time your gear changes perfectly, look nowhere but at the indicator – as soon as the line gets close to the red area, switch the gears. That’s all you have to do, basically and it’s easy!

3. Upgrade your car
Even though getting style points from customizing your car will matter eventually, I would suggest to focus on the power upgrades first because they give you what you need to actually win races. Usually, going for the recommended upgrades is the way to go, but the general rule of thumb is to try and keep everything balanced for the perfect car. In other words, investing only in the engine won’t help as much as investing in all areas evenly.

4. Focus on getting a perfect car
If you have more cars, make sure that you don’t end up owning a bunch of mediocre ones – focus on building up a top car and only when you’ve maxed it up invest in the other.

5. Master each type of race
What I love about this game is the variety it brings: there are different types of races to take part in and they all work differently. So from the easy Drag races to the more difficult Drifts, you have to master them all and see what works best in each case so that you get the advantage. One thing is for sure, though: if your car is not strong enough, then you will find it eventually impossible to win.

6. Keep the challenges running
You should focus on completing the challenges as often as possible because they are endless and they offer you the much needed wrenches for upgrading your car. Even better, if you don’t have the time to handle the race yourself, you can sim it – but the results seem to be pretty random. However, even if you lose, you still get some kind of reward.

7. Follow the arrows when drifting
Drifting is, in my opinion, the most difficult race type in the game – but you can make it a lot easier by simply trying to stick to the middle of the road: follow the arrows and you will do fine. I know it’s easier to say than do, but you will get there, eventually.

8. Always fill up oil when you stop playing
Every time before you quit the game, make sure you start an oil change – it requires two hours to complete and it has to be done. Don’t forget about this if you want to keep racing!

These would be for now our Fast & Furious Legacy tips and cheats. We’re working on a guide for advanced players as well, so make sure to come back soon for more from us!



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