Farm Fable Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Better Farm

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Urban life is getting old, so let us escape to the countryside in Farm Fable, an all new farming simulator game where you will build a beautiful and bountiful farm from the ground up. Till the land, plant crops, raise livestock, and complete orders around the country! People are depending on your farm goods to keep going, so do not let them down!

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In our Farm Fable tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of farming and how to make sure everything is kept neat and orderly. Farm Fable is all about keeping up with orders and making sure your farm stays busy. Let’s get started with our Farm Fable cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to build a better farm!

Follow the Main Tasks

To get you started on your farm, Farm Fable has a pretty lengthy introduction sequence. The intro will show you in’s and out’s of your farm, and how to perform the basic tasks that are required to keep the farm running.

Your current story task is always listed on the left side of the screen, where your task marked with the [Main] tag is your most important task. Completing these tasks will lead you down the general progression route, ensuring your farm stays up-to-date with all the latest buildings.

Early on, it can be overwhelming at first trying to figure out what to do next, but do not worry – that is what the task list is for. Your main task will always be displayed, alongside any sub tasks that you may have picked up along the way.

If you are ever unsure of what to do next, take a look at your main task. If it requires you to be a certain level or something, just work on sub tasks or fulfill orders.

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Farming Crops

Completing orders is your main method of earning experience points and money, but in order to do you will need the crops to ship out.

You will start out with only a few tiles of farmland, but you can add more as your player level increases. To till the land, stand on an empty space and you should see the hoe button pop up at the bottom. Tap on it and then drag where you want to till.

You will unlock more land as you level, but for now make due with what you have. Try to plant an even amount of crops, as you will need all of the crops that are available for planting, whether it is for baking, cooking, or just plain shipping.

Additionally, you can also water your tilled land. Look for a small building with a cone-shaped roof around your farm – this is your well. You can collect water from the well every 20 minutes, and one water is good for one tile of tilled land.

When a crop is watered, its growing time is drastically reduced, so careful management of your water can help you get your most valuable crops much faster.

Make sure that you are always growing crops. Half of your farm’s production chain starts with your crops, so without them you can only sell the animal-related goods.

Raising Livestock

Your first livestock will be cows, which are the most simplest livestock to take care of. Your cows can be fed with wheat, which is the fastest growing crop. You just have to make sure that your Feed Factory is making lots of it.

When you feed a cow, it will produce milk for you. The milk can be used to fulfill orders as is, or you can refine it and turn into more advanced recipes, like the sweetened milk made at the Creamery.

Eventually you will also unlock chickens, and they will lay eggs that can be turned into various dairy items. These advanced goods are worth more money and experience points than the base items, so you should always try to make the higher up goods.

It is very important to keep your Feed Factories busy so that you are constantly producing feed for your livestock. Early on you will be able to build a second Feed Factory, and we highly recommend you do so to stock up on feed.

The more feed you have, the faster your animals will be able to make more goods for you!

Fulfilling Orders

Now that you have all of these tasty treats and fresh produce, it is time to start fulfilling orders. You can check your orders at any time by switching to the order tab on the left.

The order tab will show you what orders can be fulfilled immediately, but you can examine the entire board to see the complete list.

Early on, you can simply clear any orders as soon as you get all of the items you need. You just need to worry about leveling up and making some money.

Later on though, try not to fulfill orders randomly – wait until you have the advanced goods. You can still fulfill simple orders like milk and produce, but waiting until you have the refined goods will net you much more money and experience points.

Organizing your Farm

Be sure to take the time to organize your farm when you get the chance. Not only can you make it look neater, but you can also save yourself lots of time with smart placement!

This is purely dependent on the player, but we find that it helps to have your buildings sorted. For example, we like to keep the tilled land near the refinery buildings, like the Bakery.

We also like to keep the animal pens near the Feed Factories, and we also keep the dairy good buildings nearby as well, like the Creamery.

You can organize your farm at any time by tapping and holding on any of the buildings to pick them up and reposition them.

Upgrading Plots

Plots are basically the space you can put farmland down on. After clearing the tutorial, you have two plots to your name, but you will be able to unlock more as you progress through the game.

Before you can put plots down, you need to collect enough shards. There are different types of plots, like grasslands, deserts, and more. You will earn shards for them as you complete tasks and fulfill orders.

Once you have enough shards, you will need to unlock a space around your current farmland. This costs quite a bit of money, so make sure you save up.

Once the land is unlocked, you can assemble your plot and place it. Once a plot is down, you can rearrange them freely, and you can also upgrade them if you have money. When a plot is upgraded, it gets more space and its decor score goes up. The items you can find also get better.

One thing to note is that each type of plot has specific items that you can find only at that plot. For example, the Miraculous Plot can have special types of flowers and trees that cannot be found on other plots.

When you are looking at your plot overview, you can tap on any plot to see what items you can find in them. Keep this in mind, as you will need to refer to this later on in the game when you are hunting specific materials.

Upgrading Tools

The tutorial will show you that you can use your tools to harvest raw materials out on your plots. You can cut down trees, harvest minerals, and so forth.

These materials are what you need in order to build more buildings for your farm, so they are important to advancing through the game. Make sure to spend your purple energy gathering materials.

Eventually you will run into new types of materials that cannot be harvested with your current tools. That is where Craftsman Ollie comes in – he will teach you the recipes on how to make better tools. Be sure to find him in town and talk to him repeatedly to receive all of the recipes.

Once you have the recipes, you can craft the tools at the Goods Processing building. You will need the materials of course, so keep on hunting for them as you wait for your crops to grow. It is a great – and productive – way to past the time!

Keep at the Tasks

In the end, Farm Fable is a pretty straightforward farming simulator. The main tasks will basically finish your farm for you, you just have to keep following them. Many major milestones are locked behind time gates, so be prepared to wait a lot.

With that said, there are plenty of things to do when you are waiting for your farm to do its thing. Like we mentioned, you can hunt for materials to save up for that next building. You can also make your farm prettier with decorations!

You can also visit other players’ farms and help them out, and even join a guild. When you are in a guild, your fellow guild mates can help you fulfill orders, so joining a guild as soon as possible is usually a good idea.

Keep at it, and your farm will be a massive, thriving land for all sorts of animals and greenery!

That is all for Farm Fable! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Farm Fable Guide: Tips & Cheats To Build a Better Farm

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