It’s time to farm! Farm, farm, farm away! Farm Away! is a new simplified farming game. Unlock plots, plant new crops, and wait for the profits to roll in! Even better, once you buy some upgrades for your farm, you’ll be able to farm even when you’re not playing the game.

We’ll help you get the most out of your farm with our Farm Away! cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Invest in carrots first!

Your first plot grows carrots. They’re not worth much, but with just a couple of level ups they’ll receive a permanent production time speed up bonus. This, coupled with the fact that they are now worth a little more, means that in the long run they are worth more than the cows you get for your second plot. Be sure to pour some coins into carrots first!

2. Make it rain!

After you buy the first automated upgrade for your carrot plot, you’ll be able to watch an advertisement. Doing so will grant you a double profit bonus for four hours! Needless to say this is worth the short wait. Even better, if you plan on sticking around and will be actively playing the game, you’ll earn a ton of cash. Don’t skip out on these opportunities!

3. Buy the automated upgrades!

If you plan on being away from the game for a long periods of time, you might want to invest in the automated upgrades. There’s one for each plot, and they must be bought separately. Normally, once a plot finishes production, you have to manually collect the cash before it starts producing again.

With the automated upgrades, the plot will continue to generate cash even if it finishes one production cycle. As you can guess, this will rack up money for you if you get them for each of your plots.

4. Spend your gold!

This is a game where you need to be constantly spending your gold in order to maximize profit. The moment you have enough gold to buy a new upgrade or plot, do so! Don’t spend too long thinking about which to buy first because ultimately you’re spending gold to earn more gold, so it doesn’t really matter in the long run. Just be a little more careful with your seeds and gems as they’re a little harder to come by.

5. Buy the triple multipliers!

Eventually, when you start racking in the dough, you’ll be able to afford the triple multipliers. These will triple the earnings of one type of plot. Buying these upgrades provides a big boost in your net profit, so be sure to buy them when you can afford them!

That’s all for Farm Away! If you have any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!


  1. The way to win this game is with the daily doubles. Don’t harvest for three weeks or so, but just so daily doubles. Then when you harvest you’ll have trillions and trillions of seeds. Also seeds are good to not spend at all, they boost your production. You can spend them but only once you understand how valuable they are. Seeds are what you need to try to be accumulating. Check how many seeds you could get when you harvest and decide if that’s what you want to do. I’m making ii jj and kk right now. I’ve got 90aa of seeds, you just need to use the daily double once a day and be patient

    • You wait for about three weeks and get so many seeds as you said. I want to know the seeds after harvest is much more than before, how many times?

  2. An easy way to accumulate lots of cash is to make sure u got the clock running for harvest day, then go to date and time in settings, switch it to three days later, go back onto Farm Away! and collect your cash, then harvest your farm and get your seeds.

  3. Spelet blivit sämre sedan ändringar början av maj. Sämre utkast av mynt mm.försvinner diamanter som man samlar. Funder att slutta spela det.

  4. Inte nog med att diamanter försvinner som man kännat in. Nu försvinner inkännande betor/utsede eller vad det kallas. Är så tråkigt. Om ni inte vil att människor skall spela spelet så stäng ner det. Istället för att lura människor.

  5. I’m a new user, playing for a few days. Thanks for the tips! One more thought: at the top left side of my screen, it shows the number 36 and says, Golden Bird. I just found out that by continually tapping/swiping my crops to earn gold, the blue bar inches across my screen (faster when you view a short ad and tap for 20 seconds). When it reaches the other side, it gives me more diamonds (which I’m trying to save up for plant food and insta-seed, NOT moving my clocks ahead – a good tip from other sites).

    • This is probably the developers trick to keep you engaged in the game, so you can earn more, precious diamonds. Fortunately, I have young kids who like to tap and swipe :)

    • I bought the insta-seed and nothing happened… No change… What should happen? They say you can harvest seeds without lost of the plants… But how?

  6. If you already gain a full set of a new plant, you must harvest and at replanting the new possible plant will set automaticly.
    My first new was tomatos instead carrots.

  7. Has anyone bought the rain starter kit? I’m pretty sure it said unlimited rain? I thought it meant I did not have to press the cloud anymore and it will keep raining. But I realised it just meant each time I press the cloud and watch an ad, it is 4x instead. Maybe I didn’t read the description properly. Did anyone else see this?

  8. Can anyone help, been playing this game now for months and on level 54. Now every time I try to use the sun or cloud it just freezes please help

  9. Can anyone help the cloud to activate the rain has been gone for a day. I have internet and the sun is still showing up but the cloud disappeared. Please help!

  10. Ever since the Christmas update the game has been really unstable for me. Crashing all the time for no reason. Now I can’t even get the game to start up. Sad, considering I was really enjoying the game and have several platnium crops. Guess I’ll just delete it and forget about it like every other god awful mobile game.

  11. Push the rake looking button top right hand corner of your game, then you will see a settings button i think its yellow on bottom right hand corner, push that and that is where you toggle music and see credits.


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