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Fantasy Forge: World of Lost Empires Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Perfect World

Fantasy Forge: World of Lost Empires Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Perfect World

In our article today we will share with you all of our Fantasy Forge: World of Lost Empires tips and cheats to help you develop a beautiful world and to strive!

I have to admit that I didn’t believe this game would get me so addicted to it when I first started playing, but because of how easy and satisfying it is to make all of these upgrades, I’ve started playing and kept on decorating and upgrading non stop! So if you are into that kind of games, then you’ll definitely have a very good time!

But enough with the praising of the game for now – you came here to learn all of the Fantasy Forge: World of Lost Empires tips and tricks that we have, so that’s what we’re going to! So let’s not waste another second and dive right into them:

Start the building process

You can start at the beginning by constructing just a few buildings, but as you level up you will unlock more and more. So you should begin slowly and place as many buildings as you can from the ones that you have available for now.

You will gain EXP and level up as you place more buildings, so I suggest that the very first ones that you put down should be the houses to allow you to get more population. After you’ve got that covered, you should, of course, place some shops and stations which will allow people to work in! (buildings from the “Jobs” tab)

Always place down connecting roads

This is yet another super important thing to keep in mind! Wherever there is a road, there is a way – so you should make sure that all of the buildings are connected through a road, because otherwise that building will be inactive.

Plan ahead the layout

There are a few things that you can do to maximize space, so if you want to use every single cell from the map, then you should definitely think about the layout of the city right from the very start.

The placement is important, because you want to have the buildings all connected through a road, and also somewhat looking good – kind of like creating “neighborhoods”. So for that, you can take into consideration placing two buildings next to each other, with a road going around them, something like this: Road – Building – Building – Road – Building – Building.

If you place the buildings kinda chaotically it can also work, of course, but then you will not really maximize the space and you might end up having 1 cell blocks empty which might later clash with your layout.

Complete the quests in the Quest Log

In the left side of the screen you will have a small list of tasks which will give you currency rewards for completing the tasks given. These quests are quite easy to complete, because they are pretty much what you are naturally doing – constructing, upgrading.

So I suggest that you check them out and collect the rewards whenever possible, and if you want for example some Gold Bars right away, you should just try to rush the tasks which give you Gold Bar rewards!

Get your Daily Challenges done!

Other than the normal quests given in the Quest Log, you will notice underneath that a small icon with a wizard (something like a cartoonish Gandalf). Tap on that, and you will open the Daily Challenge menu which gives you some tasks that you have to complete within the time limit.

I suggest that you take priority in completing these every day, because they will give you Keys as rewards, which are used to open various chests.

Watch an ad to claim double rewards: As you complete these tasks, you can claim double the Key rewards, by simply watching an ad. If you want to open a lot of treasures, then I really suggest that you watch ads with all of the rewards (to double them), because that will save you a lot of time!

Open the chests

You can open the in game chests by saving up enough keys or by simply watching advertisements! The first option – by saving up keys – you will need the corresponding keys for each chest (For Platinum Chest – Platinum Keys, for Gold Chest – Gold Keys, for Silver Chest – Silver Keys). Try saving up all the keys to open the chests because they can contain buildings, as well as a lot of currency and Lucky Clovers!

Get your free chest every day

There is a free chest which you can open every single day by watching an advertisement. This chest contains random rewards, but it is available for free without you having to use any keys!

In my opinion you should open this chest whenever it is available (every 5 hours) because it is always useful even if it will only give you Silver Coins and Gold Bars.

Tap on the people to interact

Your townsmen who you see walking around the city streets will sometimes have some bubbles above their heads which will give you indicators on what you can do to improve in the city and what they would like (better and upgraded houses, more jobs, and such). I suggest that you tap on them and try to follow their suggestions (when they are good) because they will help you with learning what is needed around town.

Purchase premium buildings for a better city

Some of the buildings in the game can only be purchased with Gold Bars, and those are the buildings which have a medal icon next to them. Such buildings are going to give you a lot of profit, but they also take quite a lot of time to be built and upgraded.

If you have some extra Gold Bars to spare, then I suggest that you buy the “Jobs” premium buildings because they will offer better paying jobs and thus making the profit and earnings of the city much better.

I would also recommend getting a “Morale” premium building too, because these boost the Morale by quite a lot. For example, the Kindergarten gives 150 Morale and costs 19-20 Gold Bars, and the Pharmacy gives only 40 Morale and it costs 6 Gold Bars! So it is definitely worth getting the buildings which give you a lot of stats over the others if you have to choose how to better occupy your space.

Decorations boost Morale

In the game there is another tab, called “Decorations” where you will find A LOT of decor items which are super cheap and will slightly boost the Morale of the citizens. I suggest that you go on ahead and buy plenty of them to beautify the city!

The decorations only cost 500-1000 Silver, so if you have some to spare, you should place them! Also, keep in mind that depending on where your city is located (the type of land) there are land-specific decorations! So for instance if you are on a Grassland, you can only place decors which are for Grasslands! And if you are on a Beach, you can only build beach-specific decorations!

Explore more lands

You can also explore a lot more lands than just the one where you first started. The only thing that you need to do so is to either pay the Gold Bars required to open that land or to pay in Silver. The lands are visible in the map for you, so all that you need to do is tap on it to see the price they go for and whether or not you’re up for unlocking them!

Start by making Grassland great and sustainable

This land is the easiest to build and upgrade in, because the cost of it is nowhere near the cost of the other lands. This is why I suggest that you start by making the very first city good, because if it has some decent profit constantly you will be able to quickly get more Silver and unlock more lands.

Always upgrade your buildings

All of the buildings that you have placed, starting with the houses, can be upgraded by using Silver (and taking some time) or by using Gold Bricks (and doing it instantly). I suggest that you use Silver for the earliest upgrades because they don’t take too long and it is definitely manageable.

You can check the level of all of your buildings without tapping on them one by one, if you select the green arrow option from the right side of the screen. That will show you your current advancement with all of them, so for the buildings that you have not yet worked on, try to upgrade them as well!

Nothing is set in stone!

If you just got started in the game and misplaced a few buildings, then don’t panic – there is a simple solution! Just move them! You can move a building by tapping on it and then selecting the option with the four blue arrows pointing to the corners.

That will let you place the building anywhere you want for free. And if you want to move the roads as well, then all that you will have to do is destroy it by going to the Roads tab -> select the bomb -> select which roads you want destroyed! It’s that easy!

These would be all of our Fantasy Forge: World of Lost Empires tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and some strategies? Feel free to share them with us and the others down in the comments section below!

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Fantasy Forge: World of Lost Empires Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Perfect World


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