The Fantastic Beasts game has just been launched on the App Store and Google Play, under the name Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. This gives fans of the Harry Potter universe (and not only) a chance to experience the new adventure set in this wonderful world of wizardry and spectacular beasts. And I am here to share with you a bunch of Fantastic Beasts: Cases cheats, tips and strategies that will help you solve the mysteries faster and get the most out of the game.

So let’s not waste a single second, there are cases to be solved! Let’s check out below some Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World cheats and tips!

1. Play the same scene over and over again
Even though it sounds a bit boring, this is what you should do in order to maximize the number of points you get and stars you unlock. Play the same scene over and over again in order to have all the item placements fresh in your memory and be able to quickly tap them. If you play randomly through the scenes, it will be more difficult to complete them with maximum points.

2. Upgrade your skills
Upgrading your skills is extremely important. So the coins that you collect along the way can be put to good use by upgrading your skills in the appropriate menu. You can only unlock new skills as you progress through the levels, so there are no real choices to be made here, but just make sure that you always keep an eye on your skills and buy some as soon as you have the chance.

3. Add more friends
Friends are extremely important in the Fantastic Beasts: Cases game because they can send you all sorts of valuable gifts, including much needed energy, but you can also bring them in with you to help you when solving scenes. With huge waiting times in between usages, it’s best to add as many friends in the game as possible in order to always go with 5 hints and therefore get a huge point bonus each time you play.

4. Micromanage helpers
This goes well hand in hand with the tip above. In the end, it’s all about micromanaging friends and helpers in order to get the most in terms of points from them. Try to use the ones that offer 5 hints when playing scenes that you are very familiar with, as the extra points will make the difference. Also, if you’re close to unlocking a new scene, it’s best to save a helper with more than one hint because you might actually need the help to complete the level. So find the perfect balance when it comes to using them for maximizing your points and therefore star gains.

5. Ace the minigames
Minigames are usually very simple and a good way for you to get some extra energy. So try to complete them as fast as possible because the slower you are, the less extra energy you will be rewarded with.

Always complete minigames as soon as you have stars to work on them and the order doesn’t really matter. If you don’t really need the energy and you have this option, talk to characters instead of playing minigames as talking to them usually rewards no energy. Make sure to always start working on clues that need examination as soon as you have that chance because the waiting times are usually extremely long. Play scenes in the mean time to get more stars and have them ready for when you need them.

Finally, leave the bonus scenes for the end and only play them when you are extremely familiar with the scenes they are attached to. They are a bit trickier and don’t matter as much as the regular scenes do in terms of star rewards per points gained.

6. Brew potions
Once you reach level 3, then level 7 and so on, you can start brewing potions in the game. These can be used when you play the scenes to give you advantages, but are really difficult to get. Friends come in to help when it comes to potions, but you can also get ingredients for brewing potions from the store. However, they are not really a must and you can play the game without them: just put them to good use when you are ready to brew one or some!

7. The time lapse cheat
There is a potential cheat for Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World which is worth trying out (this might not work though so use with caution): when you run out of energy, simply quit the app, go to your device’s settings and set the time forward 60 minutes. Return to the game and see if it had recorded the extra time and rewarded you with extra energy. If this works, you can repeat to fill your energy bar or complete research faster. Please be warned that this cheat has not been tested and might not work or break your game so use with caution!

These are, for now, our Fantastic Beasts: Fantastic Beasts Cases from the Wizarding World tips and cheats. If you have other strategies that fellow players might find useful, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.


  1. I tried out the time lapse hint and I warn people it works the first time but it breaks your game. I didn’t notice anything at first, but I realized I couldn’t gain anymore energy, so I had to delete the app and start over. DON’T USE

    • It’s because the game knows you’ve already got the energy from that time. You wont gain energy until the real time ha caught up with the amount of time you skipped forward. I often use it durring the night tot het the most energy use out of a day.

    • It doesn’t break the game. You have to keep track of how far you set the click ahead, say real time is noon on August 13, you move the click to 3pm to refill your energy. After using all that energy, you then set it forward another 3 hours to 6pm. Then you quit the game and reset time to real time (say, 12:15pm now.) Until your clock reaches 6pm on that day (be it through real time passage or by you moving it there) you cannot begin to collect energy (or start your wait time for your friends/hint givers.)
      If you want to play BEFORE that 6pm time when you start receiving energy naturally again, you just have to set the clock ahead yet another 3 hours, to 9pm. Your energy will be full again.
      If you keep doing it, don’t forget to change the date to the next day when you hit midnight. You CAN do this indefinitely aka forever… But if you get too far ahead and your real clock can’t ever catch up, make sure you keep an always up-to-date note somewhere easily accessable of the exact altered date and time you left your game on. This way you can pick up where you left off every time you play again with zero issues.
      Oh and one of the best bits of this cheat is that you can use it to skip waiting periods for when your items are under review or being looked at etc. If the wait time clock says 18 hours (ugh, THE WORST!) simply set your date and time for 18 hours later and POOF your task is complete and ready for your collection
      I promise you, this works. Been doing it for a while on this game and I have used this exact cheat process on previous mobile and computer games for MANY years (another mobile game this works on is Candycrush!)

      Hope this helps some of my fellow players get around purchasing that expensive energy and let’s you enjoy the game more!!!

      • Set the time 4 hours ahead. Your energy bar is completely filled now. Play 1 or 2 scenes and leave enough energy to play another scene. Don’t play. Leave your game and set the time to realtime. Enter the game again. Your left over energy is still there. Play 1 scene. Now the game is set back to real time and starts collecting energy. So play as long as you will; change time every time you want to fill your energy bar; but always play the last scene in real time. Then you will not have any issues with collecting energy. And you won’t have to remember the altered time.

    • In fact it works. But you won’t earn new energy until you reach the time where you earned energy for the last time. Meaning if it was 18 when you used the trick, and so moved clock to 19, then come back to 18, you’ll have to wait until 19 to start earning energy again. So to make use of it, i move the clock forward of 4h when i go to sleep and play one more free game. Then i put it back to normal time. So when i wake up in the morning my energy is full again

  2. I’m in act 4 doing a beat quest on a troll and in inquest it says to find the 1 chocolate frog hidden in the leaky cauldron. I know there’s a chocolate frog on the tent but that’s not it as its not hidden but I cannot find the hidden chocolate frog & therefore cannot complete the damn beast quest lol does anyone know where that frog is??

  3. I’m on case 3 beast quests send it says to find 4 hidden objects in 5 seconds. Is this just going to scenes and finding 4 of the objects in 5 seconds? Because I knew I’ve got this but it’s not checking it off. I’m a bit annoyed at this one.

  4. CASE NO: #006
    Beast Quest:
    “Finish the leaky cauldron bedroom bonus with a time bonus of over 150,000 points”
    How can one do that? I don’t understand. It’s a timer scene, so time bonus is always zero.

    • You can complete timed scenes with a time bonus if you do it in a super quick time. Perhaps add a wit-sharpening potion to give you an extra five seconds to boost your score.

    • Yes!!! Me too, I’m having trouble with that one, I can get most of them together but there is just one bit I can’t seem to be able to find where it goes!!!

  5. I am stuck in the beast quest where I have to search any scene without dropping a multiplier 10 times in a row.. how is one supposed to do that?

    • Pick a scene where you know exactly what every single item is, then calmly and methodically tap them. Be quick about it but not so quick you will mistap as mistapping increases your chances of losing a multiplier level. Being calm is the key here, you have more than enough time to move from item to item without rushing and mistapping. Each scene has about 12 items and I was getting an item a second. Then, you just repeat the scene 10 times. It sound easier than it is and I confess I used up all my energy three times trying to do this before I sat down, breathed deeply and calmly played through 10 times and got it. You can do it!

  6. I’m on a beast quest to complete a scene with less than 150 000 points. It’s damn impossible, since everything I click is worth 20 000 points. It fills up. Letting the timer run doesn’t help, how am I suppose to do this?

    • What you do is tap an item, wait until your multiplier goes down to zero or better yet 20 seconds or so (what I did) and then move on to the next item and rinse and repeat. Basically each item is worth a base value but they stack up if you find them quickly and have the multiplier. If you find them slowly however you only get the very low base value. Also use Mathilda and use her hint so you don’t get any hint bonus

    • I had this problem too. I waited a whole minute before clicking an item and it didn’t work. Use the bonus scene where you try to get as many items in a certain amount of time then just let the time run out.

  7. I’m in case 10 in the beast quest. I have to search the lighthouse in more than 90 sec. I did it (waited to finish the scene more than 90 sec) but it doesn’t get solve. What do I have to do?

  8. Yes!!! Me too, I’m having trouble with that one, I can get most of them together but there is just one bit I can’t seem to be able to find where it goes!!!

    • I am also stuck on this one and have tried SEVERAL times to go over 90 seconds without solving it. Did you ever get past it?

      Also, I noticed a significant jump forward on my time from 50 seconds to 150 seconds. Did this happen to you as well?

  9. How to you consume 5 potions in any scene in the Mountain Troll Beast Quests? I only have 2 potions available, and you can only take them at the beginning?

    • It’s 5 in total, so you should use potions every time you search a scene in that case. When you’ve used 5 in total you should be getting it done

  10. In the bronze beast quests for game 13 (search the open cage with all hints used up), what does that mean and how can I achieve it? I have tried multiple ways and failed each time.

  11. In Case 3, how do you find 3 of the toolbox hidden items in the construction scene? Do you simply continue searching the scene until it says that you have all 3 items?

  12. If I’m done with a case why can’t I go back and get to use for future cases? Seems kind of dumb. I just spent today doing that only to realize you can use them in future cases.


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