Family Island is a survival building management game where you guide a family through the perilous of rebuilding life on an inhabited island. One of the main mechanics is the energy system, which will limit the amount of progress you can get through in a day. There are a few ways to restore energy, and we’ll go over all of them in our Family Island guide on how to restore energy!

Look for Present Resources

One of the quickest and easiest ways to restore your energy is to look for the present resources. Present resources are indicated by their appropriate present icon when you tap them, and there are lots of resources like this including berry bushes, starfish, clams, and of course the random chests that float ashore, though these costs keys to open.

These resources cost no energy to collect, and they always reward you with a small surplus of bonus energy. If you see these things lying around, be sure to collect them for a small boost to your energy reserve.

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Have Dinner Ready

One of the first things you do during the tutorial is learn how to use the hearth and cook food for the family. Eating food restores energy, and it’s a great way to have an emergency supply of energy. You can only have a few dishes on the dinner table at a time, but you get more space as you upgrade the table.

If you ever have extra food supplies that you aren’t using for anything else, be sure to get dinner started while you work on everything else. Just keep in mind that the family does get full and you can’t feed them in rapid succession!

Build the Totem of Friendship

You won’t unlock this for a while, but eventually you’ll be able to build a structure known as the Totem of Friendship. Once built, the Totem of Friendship will accumulate energy for you over several hours and you can use it as an extra supply of energy. Build this thing as soon as it unlocks to add to your energy reserves.

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Complete the Merchant Orders

When the merchant sails to your island, be sure to complete at least four of his orders. The simple gift you get for completing four orders will net you 20 energy, but if you can shoot for the excellent gift which has 40 energy in it plus some other goodies. You need to complete six orders to get the excellent gift.

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