Family Island is a life simulator management game where a small family of islanders have escaped from their home island due to a cataclysmic event. Now, they’re landed on uncharted territory and you must guide them through the wilderness. Build shelter, cook some food, and craft supplies in this base management game! One important ingredient for food in this game is salt, and you’ll need a lot of it to keep your cooking supplies up so today’s guide will go over how to get salt in Family Island.

Where to get Salt

Salt can be found through several methods. The first and earliest method available to you is to examine the starfish scattered around the beach. Starfish reward you with experience points and energy, but sometimes they also drop salt. If you run out of starfish on the beach, don’t worry, as more will respawn after some time.

The second method is to trade with the shaman. The shaman doesn’t show up until later in the game when you start uncovering the fog around the island, so this method will be locked to you for a while. However, trading with the shaman nets you more salt than the starfish, so it’s usually the better method once you unlock him.

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