Faily Rider Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Getting High Scores


Phil Faily’s day is just about to get a lot worse! Faily Rider is a challenging endless racer that challenges you to see how far you can get in the Nevada Desert. Mr. Faily’s motorbike controls kind of slippery, so this game is mostly a test of how well you can control the motorbike. Any kind of collision will usually result in a game over, so it’s time to put your motorbike skills to the test! Don’t worry, as we’re here with our Faily Rider cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to help you through the desert!

Let’s get right to it with our Faily Rider guide to getting high scores, so you can show off your motorbike skills to the world!

1. Light taps work the best!

Control your faily rider by using very light taps. Your motorcycle controls like it’s on ice, so long presses will usually send you sliding out of control. Light taps let you fine tune your direction without putting too much turning force on your motorbike. Don’t let yourself lose control, as it is very hard to recover once you send yourself into that endless spin out.

You can use hard press turns if you do find yourself in trouble. Hard turns are useful for when you’re trying to quickly dodge a cactus!

2. Watch out for the bumps!

This road ain’t no breeze! Expect to see lots and lots of bumps, dips and ramps in the road. Be very careful when you’re going off one. If your angle is crooked, you might swerve right into a cactus or rock. If your angle is REALLY bad, you might wipe out before you even land! Try to straighten out as much as possible before you jump and remember to use light taps.

3. Don’t bother with the coins!

Don’t go for coins that are surrounded by hills, bumps, or cacti because they’re not worth it! You can go for the ones that are in plain sight though. Coins are usually not worth the trouble as they’re only counted as one coin. You get a free reward every couple of hours or so anyways, so it’s not the end of the world if you miss some coins. In fact, we recommend not bothering with them at all. You can buy different outfits and motorbikes with coins, but they’re only cosmetic and don’t affect your abilities. Power ups on the other hand are extremely valuable and you should try to grab as many of those as you can.

4. The walls are sometimes safe!

You can hug the walls if the inner portion of the road is too crowded with obstacles. Surprisingly the walls are not fatal and you can ride along them just fine. Sometimes big chunks of rock will spawn on the walls though, and that’s when you’re going to have to find another way around.

5. Be careful when going off big jumps!

You will automatically perform a trick when you go off of big jumps and get a lot of air. The animations for these tricks can screw you up sometimes because they’re fairly long. You can’t fine tune your direction mid-air when you’re in the middle of a trick. Be careful because some of the big jumps are unavoidable. Mind your landing!

That’s all for Faily Rider. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Faily Rider Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Getting High Scores



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