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Fable Valley Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

Fable Valley Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful

In today’s article we will go with you through all the Fable Valley tips and cheats that we’ve collected thus far and help you get a powerful character, able to take on any challenge that might come their way!

If you have played games such as Yokai Tamer and such, then you know very well this type of games – a lot of questing at start, then a lot of boss killing, and eventually your character can become one of the strongest out there.

And since you came here to learn all that we know about the game and give you all the Fable Valley tips and tricks, then let’s not waste another second and give you exactly that, and point out everything that you should do in order to get stronger!

Start by following the main quest

The safest way to get a lot of EXP early on in the game is to do your main quests. This means that you should complete all of the quests which you see in the upper left side of the screen, by tapping on them.

Your character will auto route there and start completing them one after the other. The main reason why you should focus on completing these main quests at start is because they will give you quite a lot of EXP along with equipment and that will help level you up and keep you able to fight normal enemies.

Then, as you progress through, you will eventually unlock dungeons and other game content which will help unlock more functions!

Once you unlocked the dungeons you can start farming them to get better equipment and earn a lot of EXP – from there you will get a ton of EXP (from the EXP dedicated dungeon) and plenty of other useful stuff from the others.

Make time for Sub quests and Daily

Now that we’ve covered the main quests of the game, it’s time to check the others – there will be other types of quests which can either unlock new features (by completing tasks such as clearing content, and so on) or which can give you tons of useful rewards every single day!

Do the Sub quests

The Sub quests or side quests are the ones which do not have anything to do with the game’s main story line, and they are just an extra content type to help you advance. You should try to do them whenever you are not focused on the main quests, and that is because they will most likely take you to some other location.

Either way, just try to complete all of the extra quests that you get because they will help you level up and that’s always something useful!

Take a look at the Daily Quest tab

Under the minimap you will notice a small menu with the Daily Quests which you can do. I suggest that you try and complete all of the tasks listed there every single day, because these will give you some pretty useful rewards!

If you open that menu and take a look at the bottom of the pop up, you will notice a series of chests each containing certain rewards. Well, the reason why you should try completing all of the daily quests is because then you can claim the last box, which is going to give you Bound Diamonds.

So do these tasks every day because they will reset daily and if you want to save up on Bound Diamonds, this is a sure way to get several every day.

Do your dungeons every day

I will just say that the dungeons are the best thing you can do as a daily content which can reward you with both equipment and tons of EXP alike. One of my favorite dungeons is the EXP dungeon, which gives you a ton of EXP for basically letting your character farm a bunch of enemies.

It’s one of the best dungeons that you should focus on in the game if you want to reach max level fast, and that’s because there you can get too many levels! In the EXP Dungeon you can enter several times a day, but I suggest that if you’ve just started off in the game you don’t go spam it right away and instead wait until you leveled up quite a bit.

Do the Rune Trial dungeon

In the Rune Trial you will be able to farm for various runes, which will boost your character’s CP! You should be able to clear plenty of stages if you don’t adventure into it right away, and instead wait a little until you’ve leveled up and made upgrades.

Now the Rune Trial is a good dungeon, but in my opinion it doesn’t beat the EXP Dungeon – so if you have limited time at hand, I would suggest that you do the EXP Dungeon whenever you get the chance!

Keep your equipment upgraded

Your gears are super important because if it wouldn’t be for them boosting your CP, you would not be able to clear the content. That is a big reason why you will be able to do a lot of the game’s dungeons, so try to always make upgrades to your equipment whenever you can. Let me tell you how you can improve your gear:

Farm bosses for read gear

There will be some bosses in the game which will have some red equipment as loot, and once you have unlocked them you should try to farm there until you’ve got a complete set. You can find the bosses in the tab underneath the minimap called “Raid” and there you should try to challenge the bosses which are next to your level.

Those will drop level-appropriate equipment, and you should try to get the red drops as they are the best. It might take a while, but it’s the best thing you can to in order to farm better stuff.

Smelt your unwanted gear

All of your old equipment as well as the pieces which you pick up and not use can be instead turned into CP by smelting them. All that you need to do is head on to the Daily Quest tab (under your minimap) and there you will find on the right side a button which says “Smelt”.

Tap on that and automatically smelt all of your old and unwanted stuff because it will empty your inventory and give you plenty of CP.

Enhance your gear

The Enhance tab is located in the fold menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and there you will be able to add levels to your equipment. All that you need is a lot of Coins and to tap the “Auto” button to automatically enhance all of the items.

There is a max level to which you can enhance your gears, but I suggest that if you were to choose you should always make the weapon your number 1 priority, then the shirt (armor) and then the rest. Just make sure that you enhance everything!

Boost your Rune

If you do the Rune Trial dungeon you will unlock more Rune materials which will help you enhance them, so try to do that dungeon whenever you have time, and try to pass 10 levels at once. That is, because every 10 levels passed in the Rune Trial dungeon you can activate a new Rune!

Take a look at the “Boost” button

Now if you are really out of other ideas, then you should really check out the “Boost” button which can appear next to the chat. There, the game will show you all the possible upgrades you can make to your character.

Whenever this button pops up you should check it out because it means that something new is available to upgrade, so don’t miss your chance to make every point of CP count!

Save up 660 Bound Diamonds

If you are wondering why exactly 660 Bound Diamonds, then let me explain – as a f2p player you will probably want to make everything that you do in the game matter, and that might apply to premium players too.

As a premium player you can get access to VIP rewards and such, but as a f2p player if you want to make your in game B. Diamonds count, then you should try investing them into something which will grant you even more power!

To do that, you will need to save up 660 Bound Diamonds and head on to the Shop. There, in the Bound Diamonds tab, you can find the Guardian Elf which is a little critter following you around and granting you +50 ATK, +50 DEF, +15% DMG Radius and pick up loot automatically!

This little boost will last for 15 days, so try to save up 660 Bound Diamonds again within the 2 weeks so you can buy another one when it runs out!

Log in every day for free super rewards

Every single day that you will log in to the game you will be able to claim a new free reward. You can find these rewards in the top side of the screen, in the “7D-Login” menu. There you can notice that on the seventh day of logging in you can claim a red quality weapon!

That is going to be a super good boost to your CP, and if you haven’t managed to get one from the bosses just yet (because the drop rates are not 100%) then this will help give your toon quite a big boost!

So even if you don’t really plan on playing the game too much, just log in and claim these free rewards and once you got the reward from the seventh day, you’ll be super strong!

These would be all of the Fable Valley tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you would like to share with us? Leave them down in the comments section below and share them with everyone!

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Fable Valley Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful


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