You ready to catch some big air? Max Air BMX, the next game from the studio that brought us Bumper Cats and Battle Knife, is an all-new extreme BMX game. Choose your rider and bike, then ride through halfpipes and show off some stunts!

In Max Air BMX, players will take to the skies using simple touch controls and pull off some insane stunts. Soar into the air on your BMX and pull off sick stunts like tailwhips, bar spins, flairs, and more!

Combo these tricks together to rack up tons of points. The better you do, the more points you get, and you can trade those points in for new riders and bikes! You can even upgrade your old ones if you have a favorite you cannot let go of!

You will start small in one corner of the world, but as your career grows, you will be traveling to halfpipes from all over the world. Your BMX career gets bigger, and the ramps get even bigger, which means more tricks for you to pull offf!

Become a pro BMX rider in Max Air BMX, coming soon to iOS and Android on August 12, 2020.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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