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Extraordinary Ones Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide For The Best Beginner Heroes

Extraordinary Ones Cheats: Tips & Tricks Guide For The Best Beginner Heroes

This ain’t your every day school! Extraordinary Ones is an anime-themed MOBA featuring super hero high schoolers, and even some oddities here and there… including a talking horse! Pick your favorite hero out of traditional MOBA classes and take on the world in furious 5-on-5 matches!

In our Extraordinary Ones tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of combat plus our starting recommendations for heroes of every class, so that you have familiarity with all of the classes. That is the best way to learn how to play a MOBA in our experience, so let’s get started with our Extraordinary Ones cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide for the best beginner heroes!

Which hero should you play?

Since there are six roles and the teams are comprise of five players, you have almost enough space to fit all of the roles. Good team composition is the start to great teamwork, so make sure you watch your team’s selection and try to build accordingly

Since Extraordinary Ones is a relatively new MOBA and there are a lot of heroes to choose from, we have gone ahead and picked out some good choices if you are a beginner player. If you do not know who to play as, go ahead and take a read!

Of course, do not take this guide as 100% fact – all of the heroes are viable and you should play what you like. Try them all out when you have the time, but for now, let’s go over our choices!


For a good starting tank hero, we recommend Big B. The big, lovable bear who is always carrying around an alarm clock is a pretty hefty guy. When you initiate fights with him, he does not go down very easily!

First, his passive Bear Power lets him deal some good damage against the more fragile heroes. Big B’s auto attacks deal more damage the more HP he has compared to his target, and they also deal real damage (damage unaffected by armor and resistances). His base attack speed is pretty slow, but after landing a hit with any of his skills, he gains 100% attack speed for 3 seconds.

Now, onto his playstyle. Big B is, out of the four tanks, our favorite because of his ability to initiate so well. His ultimate skill, Bear Bullet Tank, has him start dashing frantically and you can control his direction. If he collides with an enemy hero, they will take damage according to how long Big B ran for, and they will also be stunned. Be careful not to run into any walls or buildings, otherwise you will be the one stunned!

After this initial stun, you can follow it up with his Belly Bombard ability. This will displace enemies and grant you a shield that makes Big B more sturdier. Finally, start charging up his Alarm Shock. You can charge it up to a maximum of 5 seconds, and at 4 seconds the blast will slow down enemies, enabling your team to finish them off.

AD (Attack Damage)

Our preferred AD hero is the flaming hothead himself, Ginny. With his fists of fire, his skills lower enemies’ armor and can stack up to 5 times. With enough skill hits, Ginny can make any enemy take loads of damage.

With his Fist of Flame skill, he can dash to his targets to keep up with him and close the gap. Start a fight with this to land one stack of the armor reduction, then follow it up with Fire Storm. As the fire grows and contracts around Ginny, it will deal physical damage, and it does more damage to heroes with high HP.

But we cannot talk about Ginny without mentioning probably his strongest skill Crimson Fire, his ultimate. Crimson Fire deals massive damage to a single enemy and 30% splash damage to nearby enemies. The more HP they have, the more damage Crimson Fire will do.

Ginny will recover 3% of his maximum HP and cannot be targeted during Crimson Fire. Additionally, should an enemy die to Crimson Fire, it will be permanently upgraded and deal 2% more damage of the target’s max HP. This can stack 5 times, meaning that a fully powered up Crimson Fire will always deal at least 10% of a hero’s HP, on top of its base damage!

As you can probably tell, Ginny is excellent for taking on high HP heroes, making him one of the best tank shredders in the game with his armor lowering passive and his HP-based skills.

ASN (Assassin)

Sirin is our go-to for her high-octane playstyle and ability to deal outrageous damage within a short period of time. The key to mastering her is understanding her Concentration passive.

Whenever Sirin completes three full auto attacks (each attack has three hits in it), she will gain a charge of Concentration. She can have up to 3 levels of Concentration. Concentration increases the amount of damage dealt by her auto attacks and skills.

  • Concentration level 1 – 10% extra damage
  • Concentration level 2 – 20% extra damage
  • Concentration level 3 – 40% extra damage

Her first skill Battle Alert causes her to turn invincible, gain a charge of Concentration, and dash backwards. Remember that she will dash opposite of the direction you aim in! Battle Alert also makes her next auto attack deal more physical damage. You can use this to dodge attacks or initiate!

Spike of Frost makes Sirin charge forward and stab three times. Each stab deals damage and slows enemies, and if all three stabs land, the enemy will be frozen in place for 1 second and Sirin will gain a Concentration charge.

This leads into her ultimate, Ice Dance, where Sirin unleashes a flurry of 6 stabs with her rapier in a small cone in front of her. Each hit deals big damage, and the last hit deals massive damage. Every enemy hit by the final blow grants her a Concentration charge.

So, try to build up to Concentration level 3 during a fight. The best way we have done this is to initiate a fight with Battle Alert – dash backwards into an enemy to get the Concentration charge and auto attack buff, then complete three full auto attacks to gain the second Concentration charge.

Finally, land Spike of Frost to freeze and enemy and gain the final Concentration charge. With level 3 Concentration, Ice Dance will completely shred your target to pieces! You need to do this entire sequence very fast, as the Concentration buff does not last that long and does not refresh upon getting more charges.

Sirin is probably the most complex hero to play out of all these heroes, but in practice you will find that she is easier to use than her skills let on. Do not be intimidated!

AP (Ability Power)

The perfect mage for beginners is the one you play as during the tutorial: Sandy! She can deal big damage and she has her own setups as well, making securing kills pretty easy with her.

To start off, her passive Maid’s Mop allows her to make enemies take increases damage every time she lands a skill on them, up to 6 stacks. Her first skill Cleaning Ball, throws out a wave and creates a puddle when it hits an enemy hero, dealing damage over time.

The wave itself also does damage, so use this skill to poke and stack the debuff on enemies. Once you are ready to go in for big damage, use the second skill, Summon Frog. This will knock back enemies in the targeted area, making it perfect to follow up with a Cleaning Ball.

Her ultimate, Purifying Sphere, summons a ball of water around here. Any nearby enemies will get pelted with water blasts, dealing continuous damage over time. Once you get full stacks on enemies, these water blasts really hurt! Pair Sandy with the Haste ability so that you can stick to enemies when they try to run away from your ultimate.

ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

AD Carries are hero that rely on auto attacks and basic skills, but they start the game out relatively weak. Once they get their items and skills, they become monsters late game, hence the “carry” part of their name.

Rocket, the rascally little guy, is the perfect ADC to start out with. His skills all revolve around exposing the enemy to increase his critical rate, then blast them with auto attacks to take them down.

His passive, Big Ears, allows Rocket to gain natural critical damage bonus when he is far away from enemies. If an enemy gets within melee range, Rocket will lose this bonus, so make sure to keep your distance.

His Big Eyes skill launches a decoy to the target location and lights up the area for 4 seconds. Any enemies inside the decoy’s range will have an increased chance of being critically hit!

Combine this with his passive and Rocket can deal some very nasty damage with just his regular auto attacks alone. Then, if you see a straggler trying to get away, finish them off with his ultimate Gentleman Strike, which is a long-range snipe.

If you get caught out in a bad position, his Jump Around skill make him invincible for a few seconds, and you can jump a little bit away. This can be a lifesaver, so do not forget about it!

SUP (Support)

Supports can help allied heroes secure kills with their debuff-focused skills. A good Support can help lead the team to victory, so do not underestimate their role!

For a beginner’s way of supporting, we recommend Mercy. She is the only Support that is capable of directly healing her allies, albeit a tiny bit. She is perfect for getting used to the Support playstyle, though.

Mercy moves faster when she is moving towards an ally, and if they ally is below 30% HP she moves even faster. All Hail Buddha targets the lowest nearby ally and launches a sphere of light at them. When it hits them, the ally is healed, then it bounces back to Mercy healing her, and then it does one more bounce cycle before dissipating. The sphere also deals damage to enemies.

Mercy’s basic poke skill is Random Palm, which shoots out a giant hand. Once it hits its apex, it will come back to Mercy. Now is a good time to explain her more of her passive, Power of the People. Any time Mercy’s offensive skills damage an enemy in quick succession, they are stunned for a second.

This means that Random Palm can stun because it hits on the way out and the way back in. All Hail Buddha can stun as well, but this may put you in a bad spot since you need to have the enemy between you and your targeted ally.

Her ultimate, Lotus Shine, summons a giant lotus around her. All allies caught in the radius are healed, then healed some more over time.

And with that, those are all of suggestions for beginner heroes of each role. Try them all out, and remember that this is not concrete – you may have more fun or success with another hero, so be sure to try anyone that catches your eye!

If you have any other hero suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

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